AKA Kamry Adams

AGE: 21



Q: When did you know you were creative?

A: I knew that I was creative when art became one of the only things that motivated me at a young age. I grew up going to an alternative K-8 school that really focused on the arts and music, and that was a significant part of the curriculum. I was obsessed with all the different mediums that we got to play around with, and I knew that this was something that someone like me could live to do. 

Q: What does being an artist mean to you?

A: Initially, I would say that being an artist means being endlessly inspired, but more than that, being able to create and imagine freely means to me. It means that I’m serving my true purpose on this earth. 

Q: What inspires your photography?

A: I’m kind of inspired by everything. Just walking down the street, I could see a color or texture, and that’ll sort of send my mind into a spiral of how this could be transformed into a backdrop or a makeup look, or even a prop. Although, the majority of my inspiration comes from film, high fashion, and hip-hop. 

Q: How would you describe your point of view? Now describe it in 3 food flavors.

A: Somewhere between soft, everyday editorial and urban glam. Portraits that evoke emotion with clean, simple edits, and subtle pops of color. 3 Flavors are: Crisp. Full-bodied. Effervescent.

Q: Do you feel like it is harder or easier to express one’s creative self in 2019?

A: I think it’s all up to that artist. Photography is definitely somewhat of a competitive industry in 2019, but I don’t think that should stop you from creating what you want to create or putting out your work. As long you’re motivated and inspired, that’s all that matters. 

Q: Which place in the universe do you feel reflects your work the most? 

A: The ocean and the sky. Those are two of my favorite things in the world, and they definitely have a subtle influence on my work. I love working with soft movement, similar to waves rippling, and jewel tones, like the ones in a beautiful sunset. 

Q: What is your favorite subject matter to shoot and why?

A:Definitely Black women. There’s a huge amount of versatility that you have the freedom to create with when using a black woman as a muse. So many different hair styles to choose from, colors in makeup and styling that stand out against our skin tones that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s also a reflection of self.

Q: Are there any repetitive themes and patterns in your work? If so, what are they and what do they mean?

A: Sense of self is a huge one. One of my biggest missions in my work is to celebrate people being themselves. Being true to you is something that has resonated with me for as long as I can remember. I grew up with people constantly trying to shape me into someone I wasn’t, and I would never want anyone to feel like that, especially in a sense of art. I try not to pose my clients too much or control their actions. Things always turn out better when you’re just yourself. 

Q: Do you have any favorite photographers or artists? Who are they and why?

A: The first two that come to mind are Tyler Mitchell and Bryan Huynh. Tyler’s work is really important to me, because he showcases Black people, and in each of his shots makes them look like a Renaissance painting. Brian’s photography is really fascinating to me, because of the elements of futurism he uses. It’s modern, invigorating, and gives a glimpse into what I think high fashion could look like in the next 50 years. 

Q: Do you have a favorite project you have completed?

A: My favorite project so far is actually one that’s still in the works. I can’t give too many details but it’s near and dear to me, because it highlights the influence that Black girls from the hood have on the fashion industry. I’m sure that it’ll end up being my best work yet. 

Q: What do you wish you could do with a camera that you can’t?

A: Honestly, I wish my DSLR could create live photos how Apple does them in your camera roll. A still shot but with the movement leading up to the shot captured as well. 

Q: What 3 songs best describes your photography?

A: “The Commander” – Kid Cudi 

“Rise” – Solange 

“Rose Golden” – Kid Cudi feat. Willow Smith

Q: What are some of your future goals and aspirations?

A: My #1 future goal is to become an editorial fashion photographer. Another goal is to shoot at least one of my favorite artists for a cover of The Fader. 

Q: Would you say that art has had an impact on you? How?

A: Art impacts me on a daily basis, because it’s my entire life. Art has given me the freedom to express myself and release my emotions since the first piece I created, and without that outlet, I probably wouldn’t be here. 

Q: Tell us a something that you do not portray in your photography that still means a lot to you.

A: Relationships. The bond between people is something that’s important to me because there’s so many people in my life who have helped to guide and support me and I know many other people experience that as well. However, it’s pretty rare that I shoot two subjects at once, which I plan to start doing a lot more in the future.