Beauty is something that anyone can appreciate. However, there are those who take the time to define what beauty is from their perspective. The Makeup Artists of Kent State University is an organization for makeup enthusiasts at Kent State looking to pursue opportunities in the beauty industry. Janaye Bullock, our beauty editor, plays a big role in the running of MUA Kent State and shared with me it’s purpose and how and when other makeup enthusiasts can get involved. img_6676

Written by: Khrystian McCalister

Photography by: Peja Mane

Q: JANAYE, what is your role in the MUA of Kent State?

A: I am the current President of MUA of Kent State, I am also one of the founding executive members.


Q: When did this organization get started?

A: I began trying to administratively get this organization in the Spring of 2016, but I didn’t actually have any members or become an “active” organization until last semester, Fall 2016.

Q: What is the purpose of MUA of Kent State?

A: Originally I created MUA of Kent State with this mission statement:

“Makeup Artists of Kent State University is an organization composed of makeup enthusiasts geared towards makeup enthusiasts. As an organization, we strive to provide opportunities to build upon an established base of makeup knowledge, tips, and tricks. We are dedicated to the advancement of portfolios and opportunities to develop and encourage advancement in the makeup field.”

Really I just want to see a community of girls coming together to talk about something we all have a passion for. Makeup can be so  many things to so many people, but it is a creative outlet for a lot of us. That is the most beautiful part to me.file_000

Q: How is this organization beneficial to aspiring makeup artists?

A: This is where our Freelance Team comes in! We have a group of girls in our Freelance Team, which includes the members who have a little more experience applying makeup on others. We get booked for jobs throughout campus, and we try to have a variety of girls who are looking to advance their portfolios “on call” for different opportunities. You don’t have to be an expert by any means. We just would like to see variety in your range of skills. Freelance applications are being accepted until February 24th for anyone who is interested! Just shoot us an email, and we can get you more information.

Q: What are some of the events MUA of Kent State has held?

A: Last semester, we really did a lot. We, the Freelance Team, were hired to do the makeup for a Haunted House that S.E.T.T. (Students Enhancing Technical Theatre) puts on every October. We had a Wounds and Gore Makeup mass meeting featuring an awesome artist on this campus, Carrie Esser, who is great at body painting. Our Freelance team was also asked to do some work for fashion shows including the Modista Fashion Show
at Kent State and Dress Up for Downs. I think my favorite event so far though was the product swap in November! I love going home with new stuff.


Q: What was the most recent event that has been held?

A: We just recently did an event with EVER Skincare representative Pam Borstein. She is actually is related to one of the girls on our Freelance Team and reached out to us! We had a great time learning about her products and how we can love on our skin in this Kent, Ohio weather. Our turnout was good, but we are always looking for girls to join! We feel like every girl has so much to bring to the table.

Q: Why is beauty important to you?

A: I had an experience when I was in middle school, and I was just figuring makeup out for myself. I was doing this really heavy racoon-style eyeliner. It was so long ago; I wasn’t even doing a wing. But this woman from my church came up to me after service one Sunday, and just expressed how she thought I was wearing too much makeup for 8 minutes straight. I just remember how my self esteem plummeted in that moment. My parents, who were standing right behind me, didn’t know how to defend me in the best way. That day, it dawned on me that I want to empower my sisters through this art. It’s obvious to me now that there is no “correct” way to do makeup. Beauty is so subjective, it can’t possibly be relative. A lot of what drives me to stay in the beauty industry comes from the feelings I had that Sunday at church long ago. As an artist, I know that I won’t use makeup to ever bring anyone down. The way someone feels after they put their makeup on is like nothing else. It’s almost sacred. Beauty is important to me because it’s almost like a secret weapon, the icing of confidence on the cake.


Q: Does your makeup ever reflect your love life?

A: Haha. I don’t think I ever do my makeup to reflect my personal love life. However, I think the fact that I do my makeup at all these days represents that I finally have some free time, or I decided to re-prioritize my morning to get it done. It’s really my passion so I’m always looking for a way to fit it in.

Q: What are some things coming up for MUA Kent State this spring?

A: We have a lot on our plate for this semester. We have a couple of organizations we are in contact with for upcoming fashion shows. In April, we will be working with Pashion Designs, another awesome new organization, as well as Exquisite to put on an Art Gallery! Of course we have our own events, such as a Black Owned Makeup Brands or B.O.M.B. mass meeting on February 23rd, where we will be giving away lot of products and bringing exposure to some pretty awesome brands.

Q: How does one join MUA Kent State?

A: Just come to our next meeting! You can join at any point in the semester and stay up to date on when we have events and also participate in promotions and giveaways that we have. Also, you can get in touch with us on any social media, and we will get back to you ASAP.



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