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Written by: Khrystian McCalistersession 4

As an Akronite, I have seen how difficult it can be for artists here to be able to reach their maximum potential. Inspiration is one of the biggest influences on one’s creativity which lead me to the question, “Where can I find inspiration in a small city like Akron?” I found my answer, one day, when I decided to attend a local gathering by the name of Creative Conscience that I saw posted on Instagram by Swah, the creator The Session.

The meet up location was a restaurant called Creo’s on Tallmadge Avenue in Akron. Upon arrival, I was very pleased to see some artists and entrepreneurs that I knew personally, as well as some that I did not know. During our gathering, we discussed what each of us creates, why we create, and how we would change the world of art if given the opportunity. We ate, talked, laughed, shared and collaborated on our unadulterated ideas. I loved this meeting of the minds that I shared with these creative and talented individuals, and I could not wait to tell others about what I experienced.

Swah, the creator of The Session, is an inspiring and determined man that wants to see the artists in Akron thrive together. By bringing some of Akron’s most creative individuals into one place, he is creating a hub for us to connect and build with one another. I did an interview with Swah to learn more about how The Session came about and what his plans are for the future.

swah 2
Swah, the man behind the movement.

Q:  What exactly is “The Session?”

The Session is a hub for creative and talented individuals to work together to achieve a greater purpose. 

Q: How did it get started?
Honestly, I just wanted to share my art in raw form in a room full of people that are just like me. 
Q: What do you want to accomplish with The Session?
I want The Session to show that unity is the greatest power on Earth. Art is the greatest median.
How does your upbringing affect how you view the world?
Q: How does your upbringing affect how you view the world?
It’s my truth, so everything I do stems from it in some way. 
Q:What do you feel is missing in the local art scene? How can The Session fix this?
Unity is missing in the local art scene. The Session is changing that by opening the door to all. Those who come and get involved were destined to do so from the jump. 
Q: Why do you think it’s important to bring creatives together?
sessionIron sharpens iron.
Q: What are the best things about collaborating?
Learning and creating with like-minded but also unique individuals.  I love finding that missing piece to finish an idea. 
 Q: What are some events that The Session has held? Any upcoming?
Creative Conscience is our monthly public meeting. It’s held at Creo’s on Tallmedge Ave. in Akron once a month. It’s a stimulating thinking session with other creatives where we get to experience the mental part of art and creating. It’s dope. May 28th is our “Colors” experience at Blu Jazz. It is a collaboration with artist Stephen Vazsonyi, so by all means please be there. That’s all I can say. 🙂
Q: What kinds of art are you into?
Everything. Music, painting, poetry, photography, dance literally everything.
Q: What is the most beneficial thing art has brought to you?
Freedom.session 2
Q: How do you define art?
I define art as channeling expression in a positive and cool way.
Q: Why do you think other artists should support The Session?

Other artists should support The Session, because by doing so you are supporting yourself, your community and the progression of the world through art. 

Q: What is your greatest inspiration?
Q: What are your biggest goals and aspirations?
swahMy goals for myself are to travel the world doing what I love and to change lives. I want to build a platform with a foundation sturdy enough to allow the ones that come after me to be heard very loud and clear. Ultimately, I want to live up to my potential and be the best human I can be. 
Q: Greatest lesson you have learned in life?
Never let life stop you from living.
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