AGE: 26



Q: How has your upbringing influenced your style?  

A: I learned how to be creative with a limited amount of resources.

Q: What do you love about fashion?

A: The fact that you can make your own identity in fashion!

Q: How long have you been into vintage clothing?

A: About 5 years.IMG_9620

Vintage NASCAR Tee- $25; Nike Track Pants- $25; Nike Air Max 97 Ultra- $150

Q: When did you decide to start up your own business?

A: 3 years ago when I decided to stop working a 9-5!

Q: Explain how you choose the kind of merchandise TopHeat sells.

A: Everything is hand picked. I source from every possible place from retail to thrift stores and even out of our own closets.

Q: Who are your biggest style inspirations?

A: No one and everyone in the same breath; I pick from everyone’s style and implement it into my own!

Q: What are some of your favorite brands to shop for?

A: Nike, Supreme, and Bape.IMG_9645

Sade Tee- $100; Nike Tech Fleece Pants- $60; Nike Air Max Plus TN, Size 7- $100

Q: Do you ever find thrifting to be difficult in Akron?

A: Yes, there’s not enough quality in this city, so I’m always leaving town to go shopping.

Q: What are some of your goals for TopHeat? 

A: My long term goals are opening up chains of store fronts nationwide and becoming a stylist and cultural influencer. My short term goal is to open up a storefront in my hometown!IMG_9641

Undefeated Camo- $60; Champion Cargo Shorts- $25; Nike Air Presto, Size 7.5 – $90

Q: What kind of trials have you faced as a young entrepreneur?

A: Time management, money management, balancing real life and business, and staying focused on my goals!

Q: How do you balance being a father and a businessman?


A: It’s very hard to do ,but it’s only obtainable if it’s your life’s passion.

Q: Do you feel as if you encounter a lot of competition in your field?

A: Yes and no. I only have online competition, because there are tons of resellers worldwide. I say no, though, because there aren’t any real resellers here in the city!

Q: What sets TopHeat apart from other brands that offer vintage clothing?

A: We have a different approach to this, being that I’m from the hood and we genuinely love the customers and products we are selling!

Vintage 9/11 Tee- $40; Champion Shorts- $20; Air Max 97 Ultra- $150