NAME: Diamond Valentine

AGE: 23


BIRTHPLACE: East Cleveland, OH

Q: How has your upbringing influenced your style?
A: My upbringing influenced my style from watching my aunts get dressed up. My aunt really influenced me a lot. From blinged-out sunglasses to gold chains, she always had the fly clothes. 
“ROSE” lace set, $25
“ROSE” lace set, $25
Q: What do you love about fashion?
A: What I love about fashion is the simple fact that I can make it my own, I love mixing vintage with current trends. Fashion is self expression, you can be anything you want to be. 
Q: How long have you had an interest in women’s lingerie?
A: I’ve been interested in lingerie for a long time, actually. Since 16, I’ve been crazy about it. I always wanted to work for Victoria’s Secret, but they would never hire me. Now that I’m older, why not have my own company selling lingerie?
Q: When did you decide to start up your own business? 
A: I decided to start my business a few months ago, but the idea has been in my journal for years. I finally grew some balls and made my logo, designed my website, and on September 1st, 2017, Diamond Valentine Intimates (DVI) was born. 
Q: Explain how you choose the kind of merchandise DVI sells.
A: I chose items that are sell-able, but not something that everyone has seen in the lingerie market. I try to have pieces that represent my name and my brand, and customers know when they shop with me they’re getting something that’s different. 
Q: Who are your biggest style inspirations?
A: My biggest style inspirations are La’ Shawn Patton, Jane Mansfield, Dita Von Teese, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and Nomi Malone ( from the 90s classic film Showgirls).
Q: Who is your brand catered to? 

A: My brand caters to women who love vintage, as well as fun, modern pieces that are affordable. She can be petite or a plush gal and still rock my lingerie out in public styled up or in the house for herself or for her lover.

Q: What are some of your criteria for searching for new products to sell?
A: I like to add new pieces that are different from what I currently have, especially fresh new styles and colors, even down to the fabric. 
Q: Do you ever find it difficult to sell your products in Cleveland?
A: I find it very difficult to sell products in Cleveland. Thankfully, I have loyal customers from different states that buy my lingerie with no hesitation. 

Q: What are some of your goals for DVI? Short and long term

“ADORE ME” Bodysuit, $25
A: Short term goals for DVI are to better market my brand, increase sales, and put out better visuals. My long term goal is to dominate the lingerie market; lingerie never dies! I want stores every where but mainly Paris, France, and Tokyo. 


“GOOD GIRL” Babydoll Dress, [SOLD OUT]
“BABY BLUE” Set, $25


“LEATHER & LACE” set, $25
“MARIA,” $21
“IVY” Set, $24