Style guru in the making Montel Lollis, also known as Tellz, has graced DRiP with tips for guys that can make piecing fits together a little more easy. With the first day of class right around the corner, it’s most necessary to look as great as your grades will be this semester! From ball caps to chinos, Tellz is the expert on what looks will make the girls on campus have to do a double take.



AGE: 21

ORiGiN: AKRON, OHIMG_2344_edited


IG: @underrdog_

FB: Fashen Lollis

My interest in fashion developed sometime after my freshman year of high school. There wasn’t much to do, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career so I guess fashion kinda picked me. I just started buying shoes to clothes and putting things together, soon I was taking my own photos. I was getting compliments & gaining confidence. Then, fashion slowly became a lifestyle for me. Searching and hunting for high quality and rare things at low prices is what I love to do. After a few years, I started to learn more and started to develop a style. That’s when fashion became what i wanted to dive into and learn all aspects of it.
Growing up in Akron didn’t inspire me to try and be a fashion connoisseur, but the people I was surrounded by had a great influence on me. Places that inspire me most are London, Paris, Seoul, New York, and Japan. Social media, music, and movies taught me how serious I could be with fashion.  I learned a lot by teaching myself, and now I know what to do. In the future, I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing, but I know I will be fashion forward while doing so.


Nothing I wear says much for it to be offensive to anyone. I try to touch every aspect of fashion and culture, so if you see me wearing something a snowboarder or biker would wear it doesn’t really mean that’s me or what I do. I just like to learn why different people wear different things. Before you know it, everybody wants wear what you have discovered and you can help start something dope. Nobody is left out in the fashion world. Most of these looks include popular brands, but as you can see, there are no big prints on the front that show what brand they are. I don’t like to look as if I’m showing off or flexing. I like things that are worth showing off, but I would rather you notice if you know your garments. If not, don’t trip about it.



Hat. $40/Hypland
Toronto T-shirt. $6/Goodwill.
Levis. $6/Goodwill.
Raf Simmons Adidas Ozweego 2 $340/


Supreme T-shirt. $40/SupremeNYC
Polo Chaps Pants.
$6/Salvation Army
Supreme Socks.
Nike Air Max Plus. $60/Nike Outlet Store


IMG_2312_editedHanes T-shirt. $4/Goodwill

Tommy Hilfiger Shorts. $40/Macy’s

Huf Socks.
Converse Chuck Taylors. $52.60/Journeys


I figured that these items could be worn on any occasion, for a more casual look. You probably shouldn’t look here for advice on what to wear to an interview, but these pieces could definitely be worn anywhere that accepts creativity and individuality.

LOOK 1: You can wear this to a fashion show, out to eat, or anywhere you might have a fashionable night out with the Crew.IMG_2176_edited
LOOK 2: This fit could be worn everyday just to be comfortable. I feel like this look is more European, and I would love to bring those vibes to the US.IMG_2269_edited
LOOK 3: I would call this a skater look. You wear this skateboarding (duh), to a park, or around campus if you have a full day of classes. The bag comes in handy. You can stuff lots of things in there from snacks, to your phone, and even a skating tool.IMG_2357_edited


LOOK 1: I love gold,  and I’m not talking about the precious metal. I actually mean gold accents. It just stands out to me, and the vintage Levis have golden stitches in them so, of course, it dragged me in!  IMG_2169_edited
LOOK 2: My Airmax are one of my everyday tings. I can throw those on with anything so to not have them in a photoshoot was forbidden. To me, wearing a ‘Preme t-shirt is no different than wearing a Polo or Calvin Klein shirt. I hold them all on the same caliber. IMG_2209_edited
LOOK 3:  Stripes are old school, so I went for it. I dibble and dabble in skateboarding so the Converse & Palace bag will always be convenient. I believe that Shelltoes, Timbs, Jordan 1’s, Forces, and Chucks are all essentials. My Converse are my #1 fave shoe, right behind Forces. For this look, I originally matched a pair of black/white Old School Vans. I know some people would have picked the Vans over the Chucks, but for me, it was a no brainer.IMG_2290_edited