Savion Barnes

AGE: 19

SCHOOL: Notre Dame College

BIRTHPLACE: Cleveland Ohio



Q: When did you know you were creative?
A: I knew at a young age after being introduced to computer games.
Q: What does being an artist mean to you?
A: Being an artist means to take a talent and create something that represents your thoughts, emotions, and setting.
Q: What inspires your photography?
A: My photography is inspired by my natural ability to spot a nice scene and over time, find great angles to capture the subject. 
Q: How would you describe your point of view (style of photo)? Now describe it in 3 food flavors.
A: I have a first-person cinematic style. I would say my art has a sweet, fruity, or minty taste.
Q: Do you feel like it is harder or easier to express one’s creative self in 2019?
A: I think that 2019 is a great year for me, because I’ve narrowed down my style of shooting and editing.
Q: Which place in the universe do you feel reflects your work the most?
A: A nebula or galaxy reflects my work the most.
Q: What is your favorite subject matter to shoot and why?
A: I love shooting people and combining infinite poses with the background.
Q: Are there any repetitive themes and patterns in your work? If so, what are they and what do they mean?
A: I have a set editing style to adjust the way lighting looks in my photos. I do this to add a dramatic effect, but I’m learning different techniques to add variety to my work. 
Q: Do you have any favorite photographers or artists? Who are they and why?
A: My favorite photographer is Jesse Herzog. I found his work when I first got into photography and he inspired me to do portraits and have a cinematic style. I recently did a Glo photoshoot that really pushed me to my limits, but I got amazing photos out of it.
Q: What do you wish you could do with a camera that you can’t?
A: I wish all cameras night /thermal vision and the ability to zoom while maintaining a low aperture.
Q: What 3 songs best describes your photography?
A: “Lost in the Fire” – The Weeknd 
“Ego” – Jay Critch
“Last Memory” – Takeoff

Q: What are some of your future goals and aspirations?
A: I aspire to have my work published and hung in many buildings throughout Cleveland and beyond.
Q: Would you say that art has had an impact on you? 
A: Art changed my career path from chemical engineer to photographer, and my life has definitely been much more enjoyable than I would have ever imagined.
Q: Tell us a something that you do not portray in your photography that still means alot to you.
A: Sometimes I don’t post a lot of the small sightings I see daily like light patterns on the wall or the view from the highway but these all motivate me to keep shooting small but beautiful things.
INSTAGRAM: @Lowkeysay.x

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