AGE: 21
BiRTHPLACE: Cleveland, OH

Cleveland rapper, $alvatore is making waves in the local music scene. With years of experience under his belt, he is working to continue to evolve as an artist and make a name for himself. He is what you may call, the underdog, but Cleveland is home to the underdog turned champion.

KM: When did you start making music?

$: 9th grade, when I was 14. I was in the group Bookbag Bandits, and we were making jerking and dance music at the time.

KM: How did you take the name $alvatore?

$: It’s actually my middle name. I kind of just thought it was fit to be the right name for me.

KM: What inspires your songs?

$: Everything, moments and events that I’ve been through. It’s more than just things and stuff. I have always liked music, when you hear it right it hits the soul. You get goosebumps and chills from music. I just always loved music.

KM: How did you know this is what you love to do?

File_004 (1).jpeg$: I just feel like I’ve always played a lot of sports. I did a lot of soccer, football, basketball and baseball, but I was wasn’t really great at it. I started making music, and I was okay but people didn’t really like it. I had the opportunity to keep working towards it for free, and I was able to just be in the studio working and becoming better. I got to a point where I thought I was good so I just kept going.

KM: What sets you apart from other artists?

$: My sound and my mindset are different from other artists. I feel they’re ignorant to a lot of things. They just happened to meet the right people that put the right things in their hands, and the music’s not even that good. Nothing personal, I support the success. I just feel like music doesn’t deserve the recognition that it gets nowadays, and I know that my music does.

KM: What 90s artists would you say influenced you the most?

$: Probably Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Warren G, because they always had a rap vibe even though they were singing. They had really smooth music, and I’ve always like their sound.

KM: What goes in the creative process of producing your own sound?

$: Long hours in the studio. Sometimes writing for me is easy, and sometimes it’s hard, so the moments in my life inspire my music and give me something to say. It takes a lot of patience.

KM: How do you think Cleveland molded you as an artist?

$: I feel like Cleveland has always been the underdog city. I’ve always been the underdog, and felt like I have something to prove.File_002 (2).jpeg

KM: Where have you performed in the past, and what else do you have coming up?

$: I performed at Peabody’s 3 or 4 years ago. I recently performed at the Phantasy Nightclub on the West side. I have something on November 27, with some dope artists from Cleveland at the Grog Shop called The Move. It’s gonna be pretty lit.

KM: How much of your time do you dedicate to your music?

$: Not enough. I dedicate a lot, but it’s hard because I work so much and it can be difficult to make it to the studio at times. I’m trying to turn it around and devote more time to it. Whatever it takes, whether it be studio time, videos, or performances.

KM: How would you describe yourself and your sound?

$: People have always told me that I am humble. I still feel like I don’t work enough, even when people tell that that I’m doing a lot. I am just constantly looking to better myself and my craft, no matter what. Always evolving.

KM: Why do you rap?

$: I do it for my mom and my family, and for my supporters. I like to make music for myself, because I like it. It’s just a plus that other people happen to like it, too.

KM: Have you had any dope features or collabs?

$: I recently just shot a video for a song that I did with an artist from the UK, Medley. He reached out to me through Instagram and sent the song with his verse already on it, and I just recorded my part. We just shot the video called “On my Job” last week. I worked with Swan in my other video, “Want it All.”Processed with Snapseed.

KM: What are some songs that people who aren’t hip to $alvatore should check out?

$: You might as well just check out everything. I got bangers.

KM: Do you have any favorite songs or videos that you have created?

$: My favorite video is probably “$ave,” because it was a great weekend to shoot. The weather ended up being perfect, and everything just worked out well. The scenes look great, and I love the energy of the song. I also love the “Want it All” video. My favorite song isn’t out yet.

KM: What are some of your future goals?

$: I would like to make profit off of my work and my investments that I’ve put into my music. That is the ultimate goal. I want to be respected and well known, but still underground. I want to remain independent.

KM: Where can we find your music?

$: My soundcloud is ‘SalvatoreMusic330.’


Social Media:

IG – @salvatoree330

Twitter- @salvatoree330

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Khrystian McCalister