Who is King Damon Antoine? His 4 children know him as their loving and caring father. His mother knows him as her determined and hardworking champion. Many of his opponents know him as the man who knocked them out in the ring. But despite all of the different ways he is perceived, King Damon, now a featherweight pro boxer living in Las Vegas, has always stayed true to himself and the people that matter most to him; his family.


As a man born and raised in Akron, Ohio, the city made 23 year old King Damon who he is today. “Akron put the ‘Dog’ in me,” he explained in his interview. “Growing up here I learned how to adjust to my surroundings, and the male figures I have in my life taught me to stay sharp and on my toes.” Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather at the age of 5, King Damon began his journey in the boxing ring.  He was always a force to be reckoned with, knocking out anyone who stepped to him, starting with his very first fight which was a clean KO.

Although he showed much promise as a young boxer, King Damon’s mother stopped him from fighting at the age of 12, and he did not step foot into the ring again until he was 19 years old. In the meantime, he played football instead where he was also successful. After King Damon graduated from Firestone High School in 2011, he attended college to study nursing on a full ride scholarship. Unfortunately, his attendance was cut short when he was arrested with a criminal charge and was dismissed from his studies. One would think that adversity would overcome King Damon, and his story would play out like many other young Black men who made a mistake at a pivotal time in their lives. One would be wrong to think such a thing.


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At 19, King Damon stepped back into the ring, this time with everything on the line. “When I was little I told my mom I was going to be a world champion or an NFL player so I already knew this was something I wanted to do,” he stated. He came back with a vengeance after a 7 year break, training constantly. On account of boxing, it has taken him to California, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Florida, Texas, Michigan, and the list goes on. As an amateur boxer, King Damon’s record was 14-1 and under his belt, he has 2 Golden Gloves titles, and an Ohio State Fair title as well. “I want to fight the best of the best and stay undefeated, but timing is everything. I got to pick the fights the right way at the right time.”

Since going pro, he has come in contact and even formed relationships with some of the greatest fighters of modern day boxing, including Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., and Floyd Mayweather. Currently, he is undergoing intense training to prepare for his new career by sticking to a strict diet, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, training in the gym multiple times daily, getting lots of rest, and icing his body on the regular.


Not only is King Damon excelling in boxing, but he also excelling in the fashion world with his two clothing lines; KD Boxing Gear and and Young Black Billionaire. Letterman jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and hats are just some of the clothing items he has been able to release under his KD line. In his interview he stated, “I do what I do to show the kids from my city that you can start something on your own and accomplish it if you stick to it. I’m always working, I gotta take care of business.”

For King Damon, giving back to the city of Akron is key to his success. He has plans to establish his own boxing academy, open shelters for the homeless, and create foundations for young men coming from fatherless homes by providing a mentoring group made up of positive male role models. Starting from the bottom, King Damon has worked hard and dedicated himself to his craft. Leaving the city with nothing, including his children, and going out on a limb with not many connections, he has managed to overcome the odds and keep his focus on all the things he has set out to do. “I don’t care what the world knows about me. When it’s all said done, and the lights go off, and the people stop cheering my name, the only people that mean something to me is my family. You wanna know what’s next for me? Stay Tuned.”