AGE: 18

SCHOOL: The Ohio State University



Raed is a young, talented singer from Akron with his own style of music. His goal for his music is to express himself to the fullest and bring people together through his songs. Although he is a new artist, he is continuing to grow and develop his sound. In our interview, he told me more about his path to personal enlightenment as well as his musical progress.

WRiTTEN BY: Khrystian McCalister

KM: What inspires the songs you create?

RA: People. I try to manifest a cumulative response of people’s feelings and things of that nature. I’m only 18, I don’t think I have developed my own voice yet.

KM: Your sound is so unique. When did you start making music?

RA: My official first time recording was in the 8th grade. I did a cover to ‘Beautiful People’ by Chris Brown. However, last December was my first time expressing myself in a song I recorded.

KM: What influences your style as an artist?

RA: It comes from not paying attention to too many other styles. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of what we need to do to win people over. I just do my own thing.

KM: What artists do you feel like have had the most impact on your sound?

RA: I’ve always listened to John Legend, and I have always admired him. Teebs the producer also has influence on my sound.

KM: How did you know that you have a passion for singing?

RA: I have been singing since I was young. I did the talent show when I was in middle school. I never thought I would bring it to the public.

KM: What made you want to start recording?

RAED 5.png
Listen to Eucalyptus Tree on Soundcloud.

RA: I thought that it would be cool to follow this profession. I have always been good at school, but I would rather follow the creative route.

KM: What do you believe sets you apart from other artists?

RA: The willingness to explore myself without any type of bias in order to create the most impactful thing that’s real.

KM: Do you feel like singing is more mental or emotional for you?

RA: Definitely more emotional. I don’t really like writing all that much. I like focusing on how my music impacts listeners more than storytelling.

KM: Do a lot of people support you?

RA: I feel like I have gained a lot of support, especially from the school that I came from. As an artist, I don’t do it solely for the connection with my listeners. I make music as a means of expression and using it as a tool to discern my calling in this world.

KM: In what ways do you continue to be unique and break the mold of the current culture of our music?

RA: After I released my four songs, it’s more about having no fear. Everything in our culture now is about keeping up with other people. It’s not the easy route to go nomad and do your own thing, but a quality of fearlessness is to accept whatever happens.

KM: How do you feel like Akron influences you as an artist?IMG_1771_edited.jpg

RA: I don’t know a lot of people in the city. My mom always shielded me when I was younger, and I spent a lot of time at school and at home. I can’t say that the city has influenced me directly, but some of the people have motivated me to do better.

KM: Have you ever performed any songs live?

RA: I did twice, actually. I performed at Just a Dream Studios for the first time earlier this year. The second time I performed was at the Grog Shop at the end of this summer. I really enjoyed it, and everyone knew the words to my song ‘Eucalyptus Tree.’

KM: Do you enjoy performing?

RA: I like the idea of performing. I feel like once I put out the music that I’m working on now, I will like it a whole lot more. I will be able to perform more sides of me that are genuine.

KM: Why do you sing?

RA: I do it as a means of self-discovery, and I use it to connect people with each other. I’m highly creative, and I love hearing my music. Seeing the finished product is very fulfilling.

KM: What do you think is your favorite thing about singing?

RA: I view at life from a simple stance. I can do something that connects to a different type of element that we don’t see, and I think that’s is pretty cool.

KM: How would you describe your music and yourself as an artist?

RA: As an artist, I’m still in a young stage. Right now, I’m just excited and curious of what I will be able to do. My music is filled with pure emotion. I also use some word play, to show my creative writing ability.

KM: Will you get into rapping, or are you just strictly a singer?

RA: I probably will get into rapping later down the line. I think that would be dope.

KM: Have you had any features so far?IMG_1751_edited.jpg

RA: I have worked with Vello on his song, ‘Simple Dream.’ It was pretty emotional. I would like to work with more people.

KM: How much time do you dedicate to your music?

RA: Right now, I’m making my own beats. I’m not writing as much, but I am constantly in an artistic mode. I would like to channel it more, because it’s all I can talk about; it’s always on my mind. My music takes up most of my mental capacity.

KM: Could you see yourself doing this your whole life?

RA: I do, and not just music specifically. As I progress and make more money, I will be able to do and see more things that will inspire me to create.

KM: What are some of your songs that you feel like new listeners will enjoy?

RA: People seem to like all of them in a different way. I’m most proud of my song ‘Marguerite.’

KM: What would the best song you have ever made sound like?

RA: It would have influences of electronic music and soul.

KM: Where is your music?

RA: You can find me on Soundcloud under “RaedSound.”  

KM: What are some of your goals musically and otherwise?

RA: Musically, I would like to continue to develop a new sound. I just like to experiment with things that are free and don’t fit any type of mold. I would like to build a fan base that is so strong that people could come to my concert and let down their guard. They would all just be there for my music. I want to see the world, and meet different people. I just want to create to my maximum potential.

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