AGE: 19

SCHOOL: Binghamton University 



Q: What do you like to depict in your photos the most?

A: I’m very visually driven, so I love things that are aesthetically pleasing. However, recently, I’ve been trying harder to tell a story with my photos. 

Q: What inspires your photography?

A: Fashion is definitely my biggest inspiration. I especially love avant-garde fashion, because it’s so unique. It takes simple elements, and turns them into something extraordinary which is how I like to view my photography; I take simple things, such as locations or people, and try to elevate them to something greater.

Q: What purpose does art serve for you?

A: For me, art is a creative outlet. It helps me tell stories and also to inspire others, which is what I really love. I’ve met so many amazing people through photography, many of which have become my closest friends.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to photograph?

A: My favorite thing to photograph is  people, especially in high fashion and unique outfits. Although, I do love photographing dogs and cats as well. They’re just so cute.

Q: What are your future goals and aspirations?

A: My dream is to work full-time in NYC, somewhere out in California, or even Japan as  a fashion photographer, a photographer for a modeling agency, or just getting paid to travel and take pictures. 

Q: What Is your favorite thing about summer?

A: I love not having classes to worry about. I also love swimming, going to the beach and hiking with friends.

Q: Who is your favorite designer? Why?

A: My favorite designer would have to be Mondo Guerra. I met him when I photographed New York Fashion Week, and he was extremely nice. Mondo loves to use these crazy patterns and combine unusual elements in his work which inspire me a lot.

Q: What do you want to communicate through your art?

A: Besides creating pieces that are pleasing visually, I also want to communicate that not only skinny white women can be models. PoC women, men, and those of all sizes can and should model. 

Q: Describe your work in 3 words.

A: Modern, ornate, and ethereal.

Q: How has photography impacted your life?

A: Photography has allowed me to connect with so many new people, many of which have become my greatest friends. It really gave me something to look forward to, something to challenge myself and strive towards, as school was not challenging enough. It also has provided me with the great opportunity to photograph two New York Fashion Weeks, which have featured Project Runway stars such as Layana Aguilar, Mondo Guerra, and Christopher Palu. 

Q: What is the most creative thing you have ever done?

A: I would probably have to say when I saw that my model’s shawl was creating an interesting pattern with it’s lace-like design when I held it up in front of her to cast the interesting shadows onto her face. 

Q: What would they serve you at your ideal summer cookout?

A: Pasta salad, and tons of it. 

IG: @N.C.Sweet






Song: SZA – Broken Clocks

Interview by: Khrystian McCalister