Mustache the Stampede

AGE: 23


Mustache the Stampede, a rapper that embodies a sound that is unique to his personna. Coming from the city of Akron, Stache is hopeful that the music scene can reach great heights! His charisma and talent give him the right to call himself “The Stampede.”

WRiTTEN BY: Khrystian McCalister


KM: Where are you from?

MTS: AKRON, OHIO born and raised! If you aren’t from Akron, I feel bad for you, because we are on the rise. Akron can be the new Atlanta, if we all are less petty and get our money right and build our knowledge. Money is good, but Knowledge lasts forever. Akron needs to stand up, it’s time to get it.

KM: You heard it here first! What do you bring to the table that differentiates you from other artists?

MTS: I developed my own sound. Anyone who knows me, has ever rapped with me, or even in that musical environment knows that my sound is my own. I’m not a clone. I am the stampede and my job is to run you over.

KM: I know that you have always been artistically gifted. When did you realize that rapping was something you excelled at?

MTS: When I was 16, My homies, Creep and Ak, and I made a group called “Mixed Colors’ and just started rapping. We were just high school rappers, and it wasn’t anything big. It was something to pass the time.File_004 (2).jpeg

KM: What potential do you see in the current music culture in Akron?

MTS:  Blak Klan, Klan Lyfe, Crucial, Will, Creep, Me, The Almighty Flee, and Kai Koopa. There are so many people in this city right now that would blow this thing off the map. Akron could be the new Atlanta. There is a lot of talent here.

KM: What do you think it would take for the musicians of the city of Akron to get more shine?

MTS: What it comes down to is that Akron rappers aren’t celebrities. I’m not hating, but we have yet to make it. We are all on the same level. We will never rise together as group like Atlanta did or let the world see the potential in Akron, unless we come together and rise as a collective.

KM:  Why do you make music?

MTS: I’m not trying to get famous, because it’s not my goal. I have to express myself. When someone hears my songs, every bar in that song is something that I’m going through.My songs are a piece of me; I’m not just rhyming words. My music might go over your head three times.

KM: What is your rhyme style like?

MTS: My main thing is lyricism, but like the melodies. For example, Kid Cudi is a good point of reference.

KM: How did you know that this was what you wanted to do?

File_002 (3).jpegMTS: Everything else failed, literally. I have talents like painting, writing, and technology. Music challenges me, and it puts me in a box to prove what I can do. Also, I can appreciate my music forever. If i sell you my painting then it’s gone. Music can be held on to forever. I have every song I’ve ever made saved on my computer.

KM: How have you evolved as an artist?

MTS: That’s what inspires my new music that I’ve been working on… Honestly, I’m just a dude from Akron, man. This is just my way of letting things out. If I didn’t have music or any of my other artistic outlets, I would be a completely different person.

KM: So how much time would you say you dedicate to your music?

MTS: I used to dedicate hours a day. Now, I’m getting older and working, and not having enough funds to upgrade. I still work a lot on music, just in a different way. I might listen to my songs 72 times for mistakes to analyze where I can improve.

KM: How would you describe your sound?

MTS: It is he truest form expression within myself, and it is confined in the parameters of every genre, in the sense that I haven’t created something new yet.

KM: What are some songs of yours that people who have never heard your music should listen to?

MTS: I would say “A F*** Less” on my Soundcloud.img_1207

KM: So who is a 90’s artist that had the biggest influence on you?

MTS : METHOD-MAN is my favorite rapper of all time.

KM: Do you have any favorite songs right now?

MTS: I’m a big fan of Justin Nozuka and his most recent album is a sonic masterpiece…

KM: So where can we find you and your music?

MTS: Sound cloud at “MustacheTheStampede.” Thank you so much for this interview, Drip Magazine. I rep the DRiP! 

KM: Stay Drippy! Stay hip to The Stache, because he’s coming.

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PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Khrystian McCalister