AGE: 21



Q: Would you consider yourself more of a model or artist?

A: I would say that I’m more of a model, currently. I definitely am an artist as well, but I don’t create as much as I should. I’m more of a creative than a model, though, because everything that comes out of my modeling usually comes from me. My clothes, hair, and makeup are all put together by me, unless there is a stylist or MUA present which is a rare occasion. I’ve also helped creatively direct other projects that were not my own.

Q: When did you realize you like being photographed?

A: I went viral on Twitter in and kind of on Instagram in 2014 for my Rihanna-themed halloween costume. Rihanna even liked my post! After that, I knew it was official. I’ve always liked getting my photo taken, I love it. But that moment gave me my confirmation that I should model.

Q: What opportunities has modeling brought you?

A: I have met a lot of famous people. It’s also opened some doors for me and the other things I’m getting my hands on right now. I don’t want to get into too many details, but modeling isn’t my only focus. Through modeling, I was able to make my other prospects a reality as well. Soon, everyone will see what else I can do.

Q: How does the summer have an effect on your modeling?

A: I do a lot of outdoor, urban shoots. I prefer the studio, but 80% of my shoots have been outside.

Q: What is the most creative shoot have you ever done?

A: The most creative shoot was with Todd White and Sierra Snow for Sierra’s senior lookbook at Kent State. My girl Rose and I were styled in a “Bad & Boujee” type look and we actually went grocery shopping. We looked like rich women wearing furs and heels and all these fancy clothes in the regular grocery store, that was dope!

Q: How do you describe your style?

A: I feel like I’m very versatile, but for the most part, I’m chill. I have a cozy, throwback style. I can be fashion forward and all that, but I’m really big on thrifting; thrifting is life. You can just find some really dope a** pieces. It doesn’t always have to be about cost, though. You can just find things that nobody has except for maybe a grandma. I like to bring styles back to life in my own way.

Q: Name 3 things you love about modeling.

A: I love a lot about modeling. The acting aspect is fun to me. They don’t want you to  just pull up and take pictures; they actually want you to play in a specific role. I like being the actress with no lines. The lines are within your facial expressions and your poses. It’s like a totally different part of acting. I also love dressing up. I have always liked dressing up as a child, so I love being an adult and wearing all the crazy threads. Lastly, I love the opportunities modeling has brought my way. It has opened my mind to all kinds of different things. I have met some very brilliant creatives through modeling, and that network is everything. I love it.

Q: Who or what inspires you the most?

A: My family inspires me the most. I want to get them out of the situations that they are in. My mom carried my brother and I on her own for a long time before she got married. She worked two or 3 jobs taking care of us. Things have gotten better since then, but I want to make it even better. I don’t want my family to have to work so much, and I want to be able to provide more for them.

Q: What are your greatest goals and dreams?

A: I want to be legit happy with life. I don’t want to feel like anything is missing. However everything plays out with money and my career, I just want to be happy. I also would love to be a household name like Beyoncé. I want people to know what I did and how hard I worked to get it done. Being happy is still number 1, though.

Q: What is your go-to summer hairstyle?

A: Braids. Braids. Braids! I’m currently transitioning from heat damage. I used to get silk presses every 2 weeks during high school and even after, so I lost my curl pattern. Over time, I just let my hair grow out an cut the ends, because I refuse to do the big chop. Braids have been my best friend in this process. They are convenient and stylish. They fit my aura.

Q: If you could model for anyone who would it be?

A: Off-White, because my dawg Virgil Abloh is the s***. He’s big, he’s out here, and he’s black! B-L-A-C-K. He is a Black man that I would love to work for. I would love to be his muse. Out of anyone in the whole entire world, I choose Virgil.








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