AGE: 26

BiRTHPLACE: West Virginia


Q: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

A: I’d have to say that I draw most of my inspiration from old films and books from the 40s and 50s.

Q: What compelled you to get in front of the camera for the first time?

A: I actually have always wanted to be a photographer! One day I asked one if I could follow them around on a shoot just to learn and I ended up modeling instead!

Q: What childhood memory or artifact influences you most to date?

A: I suppose my mother’s flower gardens. The colors and the textures of the different flowers have always captivated me.

Q: Do you prefer simplicity or complexity?

A: This just depends on the day!

Q: What specific culture or period of time do you like to portray the most while modeling?

A: The 40s and 50s!

Q: Where do you feel most comfortable creating? 

A: Anywhere as long as the vibe is right with whoever I’m working with!

Q: What do you think is most important to an artist’s progression?

A: Having an open mind and being willing to take criticism from the appropriate parties, and also a lot of time and dedication to whatever their craft is!

Q: Describe your style in 3 textures or fabrics.

A: Silk, corduroy, & latex.

Q: Is it important for artists to explain their art?

A: If that’s what they want to do.

Q: What can be the biggest hindrance to your creativity?

A:My own brain! Comparing myself to others rather than comparing my own work!

Q: Have you explored any other art forms?

A: Yes! I also love to paint and collage!

Q: What are some of your favorites out of the projects you’ve completed?

A: Anything I’ve created with my best friend Paige Margulies aka @drelladarko.

Q: If your journey had a movie, what would it be called?


Q: Do you feel energy has an impact on your creativity and your artwork?

A: Absolutely! It can make or break it!

Q: If you could choose any artist in the world to collaborate with, who would it be and what would you do? T

A: This might be a cliché answer but Wes Anderson. I would love to act in one of his films. His use of color and one-point-perspective blow my mind!