AGE: 20

BIRTHPLACE: Brussels, Belgium

Q: What do you like to depict in your artwork the most?

A: I like to draw women, mostly in aesthetically pleasing, goddess-like positions. It’s a choice, but not totally. I lack a lot in techniques, and women are the only subject I can truly get creative with. I think that is because I am one myself.  I hope that in the future when I’m better at anatomy, I will be able to draw some men too!

Q: What inspires your art?

A: So many things: runway shows, make-up and hair looks, social media, anime, music and music videos, cartoons, even movies and tv shows. Actually, everything that surrounds me  has an influence on what I do. Isn’t it like that for any artist?

Q: What purpose does art serve for you?

A: It was no more than a hobby a few years ago, but now I’m slightly confused to as to what purpose it has. I’m not very fond of trying to make philosophical art for myself (I don’t mind others). Right now, I just do what pleases me, because I’m still trying to figure out what my own pieces really mean. I would say art is just something that relaxes me when I feel like I do great work.

Q: What is your favorite medium (marker, paint, etc.)?

A: I haven’t found a favorite medium yet. I think it shows, because I use a variety of mediums. I have moments when I’ll be more into one medium. For example, last month, I was really into gouache but this month, I’ve been doing a lot of digital art. I recently learned to correctly use pencil color, gouache, markers, watercolor and digital (Krita). I have also tried pastel and oil once, but I want to get better at them. I’ve been planning to train with oil this whole summer, but I never did because oil seems so official and scary. I won’t dare to dive in yet. I would also like to try acrylic once and even sculpting.

Q: What are some of your future goals and aspirations?

A: I would like to get better at anatomy and perspective. These are techniques that I can’t seem to learn on my own, and I’m tired of depending so much on references. I think I’ll feel more comfortable if I’m taught by someone. I would also like to start animating without depending on GIFs, but again, I think I need to learn anatomy for this.

Q: Does the summertime have any effect on your art?

A: In the past, it has had a huge influence on my art. I was still in high school, and it was a very demanding one at that, so I couldn’t find much time to draw. I would still manage to draw at times, though. I would draw more during summer, but back then I wasn’t doing my own art so I can’t really tell if it had a huge effect when it comes to creativity. Now, summer doesn’t really effect my work, because I do draw more since I have free time. However, I started college last year, and had to draw all day for a project, so there isn’t really a difference.

Q: Who is your favorite artist? Why?

A: Oh my, I have so many. Everyday, I find new accounts on different social media to follow that I look up to. There are so many amazing people out there. Off the top of my head, I would say that lately I’m a huge fan of Zeen Chin’s work. It’s simply amazing, and I can’t specifically tell why I’m such a huge fan of him. I also love Tina Yu. She’s the reason why lately I’ve been wanting to try out sculpting so badly. To be honest, if I follow you on any social media I have, I’m a fan of you! Older artists that I look up to are John William Waterhouse, John William Godward and Lawrence Alama-Tadema, because they all seemed to really love painting women. I think what they do is really similar to what I like to paint. I also recently discovered Anselm Feuerbach, and I love what he does too. His art uses the same subjects as the previous artists I named. He seemed to have a huge artistic crush on a woman named Nanna Risi. She was really pretty, and all the paintings he paints of her look so soft and noble.

Q: What do you want to communicate through your art?

A: I said earlier that I really have no idea. I think about it a lot, and giving meaning to my art kind of bores me. It’s really not my priority right now, because I just enjoy the process and looking at the finished product. I don’t think much about a message. Maybe sometimes there is a reason why I did “X” or “Y” piece but in general, what my art means is a tricky question for me.

Q: Describe your work in 3 words.

A: I would say aesthetically pleasing women.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

 A: I would like to be successful as an animator and have the opportunity to publish my own comics and/or manga. Maybe I will  make my own cartoon/anime, who knows. I just want to be able to expand myself artistically, because I’ve witnessed this year that I am able to do so. The people like it, and it is just exciting to know I could definitely do more.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the summer?

A: Another tricky question. In the winter, I complain because it’s too cold. In autumn, I complain because it rains all the time; and in spring, I complain because the bugs are back. It’s the same for summer, because I complain about the horrible heat that we sometimes get here. I would say I like it simply because I was born in summer, and maybe because I get to wake up at 12 pm and sleep at whatever hour since it’s the holiday season.

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