Isaac Floyd is a health writer, certified wellness coach, personal chef and nutrition graduate student. He works as the Fitness Wellness Coordinator for Vicki Doe Fitness.

 He is from Dayton, OH, and currently working on his Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Kent State University.

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Isaac earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition at Kent State and has conducted and presented research on understanding the relationship between cultural identity and eating behaviors to reduce health disparities in underrepresented populations. Isaac is especially interested in how socioeconomic factors like discrimination and identity perception can affect food preference and eating patterns. Isaac has worked as a research intern at Kent State, coached kids soccer and enjoys cooking, running and adrenaline fueled activities like skydiving.

How to Reduce Stress and Be More Productive

Being under stress is something with which we all can relate. Juggling multiple responsibilities can cause stress. Balancing work, family, school and other dimensions of life can be taxing at best and overwhelming at worst. Working hard and achieving proper balance in life are great skills, but that feeling (and we all know that feeling) of being overwhelmed can have very negative effects on your health and happiness.

Stress can cause inflammation, which is a process in the body that can open the doorway for a wide range of diseases as minor as asthma and as serious as cancer. Stress also increases the hormone cortisol in your blood. Increased cortisol is a normal response to serious situations, but being stressed too often causes oxidation, an excess of cortisol in your blood. Studies show that oxidation from stress can decrease brain function, and this excess cortisol hormone can have negative effects on your mood and your overall happiness.

It is important to avoid stress when possible, and even more importantly to reduce it in day-to-day life. If you’re a worrier or high achiever and find yourself stressed too often, here are 3 easy ways to reduce stress!

  1. Diet– I know you have heard this one before, but improving your diet can improve literally every area of your life, from your physical health, to your emotional health, to your confidence and your stress levels! Studies show that phytochemicals (nutrients found in vegetables) can protect your brain from the destructive effects of stress. The pigment in many fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals such as carnasol (found in rosemary) and beta carotene (found in carrots and sweet potatoes) which can protect you from stress.File_000

  2. Exercise- Youu have probably heard this one also. Exercise can decrease cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase dopamine (the pleasure hormone). Cardio (e.g. running swimming) is great but resistance exercise (weights, pushups, pullups) have been shown to be very effective in reducing stress, and can be one from the comfort of your home!

  1. *Be productive– studies show that people who are more productive are less stressed, more satisfied with their life and even sleep better. You would think doing more would cause you to be more stressed but studies show that people who feel accomplished on a daily basis are less stressed! But being busy does not necessarily mean being more productive. True productivity is achieved by setting a list of tasks on a daily basis, and checking items off your list from highest to lowest priority. You may not cross everything off your list every time, but this is the best approach to efficiency and accomplishment.

There you have it, 3 easy and effective methods to reducing stress! After all, who doesn’t want to live a happier, healthier, more productive life? I challenge you to implement these small changes in your life and watch your stress levels plummet and you’re productivity increase!

If you have any questions or want advice on how to reduce stress or live a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise, you can hit me up on Twitter and Instagram @brownkiddo.File_000(1)

“Take care of your body; you will live long enough to wish you had…” – Anonymous

How to Win

What is the blueprint to winning at life? How do you win, and become your best self and conquer your industry. Whether it be fashion, medicine, music, or event planning, there are people that are trying to make it there are people who are thriving, and people who dominate the field in a graceful seemingly effortless fashion. Many people ask the question, “How do I WIN?” There are many books that seek to answer this question, none of which have done so perfectly because there is no perfect answer. There is no perfect answer because winning looks different depending on your industry of choice, and most importantly, depending on your vision.

One thing many of these famous books and celebrity success coaches have in common is pinpointing those habits that most ultra-successful people have in common.

Here are 6 habits you should to adopt to develop a winning mindset!

  1. Shift from a short-term to a long-term focus– Setting short-term goals is important, but shifting your daily efforts to a long-term purpose helps you gravitate towards this goal. Setting a long-term goal will help you think strategically on ways to work toward this goal on a daily basis. The most important thing to remember about this rule is that it is okay if your goal changes! Editing your end goal is okay, even ideal! Tweak your end-goal to match your passions as they change!
  2. Reading– A commonly quoted study showed that the average CEO from the sample used reads 60 books a year. This divides to 5 books per month, which may seem like a lofty goal. Start off with 1-2 books per month. Reading not only gives you the knowledge and the confidence to speak about more topics, but it develops your speaking skills tremendously. Words are truly power.File_001
  3. Create a 12-month budget– Create an adjustable spreadsheet detailing your income sources and subtract regular expenses (e.g. bills, utilities, gas, food). Assess your remaining budget after expenses are deducted and create a savings plan. Create financial goals.
  4. Secure great mentors/ role models– You should create a council of people that you have access to that are winning in the areas in which you seek to thrive. Use these people for advice and connections when the time comes. If you are interested in being a banker, build a professional relationship with a banker. If you seek to develop your public speaking skills or photography, secure a mentor in those specialties. This will mean devoting time to meet with these people. This may mean treating them to coffee or lunch on occasion, but more importantly, it will provide you with an opportunity to pick their brains and draw up your own custom blueprint to dominating your industry.
  5. Diversify your incomeGet your (legal) side-hustles in motion. If you work in an office but you like to grow vegetables, set up a stand at a weekly farmer’s market on weekends. If you work in retail but you love photography, build a resume of stock photos, buy some business cards, and give your side hustle some momentum. This will maximize your income, and provide you with valuable experience for future endeavors.
  6. Be creative– Always be creative and think abstractly about how to solve problems. Develop a creative strategy to get that promotion or that new job. Innovation comes from creativity. Creativity comes from inspiration. Find your inspiration and hold onto it tightly.

Winning is a mindset. Winning takes work. Winning can be draining but with discipline, hard work, anybody can win. It does not take a special person to win, because the only difference between greatness and mediocrity is the choices we make!


Parmesan Garlic Wings

Parmesan garlic chicken wings are popular in many sports bars and restaurants. The smell of the savory parmesan garlic flavor with hints of lemon and fresh herbs will make your mouth water, and the taste will make your day. However, there are many ingredients to a good garlic parmesan garlic sauce, and they are sure to run your grocery bill up.

Toss your fried, air fried, or baked chicken wings in your favorite thick caesar salad dressing for a hack to this beloved recipe. Caesar dressing has parmesan, garlic, lemon, rosemary, oregano and many of the other ingredients in your parmesan garlic wings for a fraction of the price. You would be surprised at how satisfyingly similar this hack recipe is to the real deal!

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Gluten Free Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake is an American favorite. Many funnel cake fanatics can remember the first time funnel cake changed their lives. Coming across good funnel cake at the fair or the amusement park would surely make your day. But did you know you can make funnel cake quickly and easily at home?

Quick and delicious funnel cake (without the amusement park prices):

  1. Buy a box of gluten free or regular pancake mix and create a batter as if you are making pancakes. This usually requires the pancake mix, a couple of eggs and water.

  2. Next, preheat a skillet or large woke with about ¾ inches of vegetable or canola oil (enough for the funnel cake to be submerged in oil halfway).

  3. Put the pancake mix in a funnel or a simple zippable sandwich bag with one corner cut out.

  4. Slowly pour the funnel mix over the hot grease overlapping the mix to create an intertwining work of pastry art.

  5. Cook until sides are visibly brown, flip and cook until bottom is golden brown.

  6. Serve hot, topped with powdered sugar and/or your favorite sliced fruit and enjoy!

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Written by: Isaac Floyd

Edited by: Khrystian McCalister