LiuSal NYC

NAME: Tony aka Mr. Liusal 

AGE: 31



Q: When did you know you wanted to pursue design and artistry? 

A: When I was about 14 years old, I knew I wanted a clothing brand. 

Q: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

A: I have both fashion and musical inspirations. Some are: Ralph Lauren, Shane Oliver of HBA, Virgil Abloh of OFF- WHITE, Pharell Williams, and Jaden Smith.

Q: How have you grown in your designs in recent years? 

A: In recent years, I’ve learned a lot. To sew, to take images to build sets, even AI, and some graphic work but to say some, I would be lying. I have grown a lot, and it’s by the grace of God and everyone that believes in me that’s giving me the power to keep pushing for my dream.

Q: What childhood memory or artifact influenced you most to date?

A: As a child, My Aunt and her love for high-end fashion allowed me to notice that quality is important. I had never seen anything like the way Ralph Lauren mixed color & patterns together. It was like a mixed rainbow, and this is what really guided me to this day.

Q: What specific culture or period of time do you identify with most in your designs? 

A: To tell the truth, none. I’m from the 2000s era where Dipset and CamRon made it ok for men to wear pink. At this time, he low-key he pushed for genderless ways  but no one noticed. I love vintage European & Asian fashion the most mixed with the 2000s era of the Jim Jones style but with more fitted clothing.

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Q: Where do you feel most comfortable creating?

A: At home in peace with music & weed, or in a park alone.

Q: What do you think is most important to an artist’s progression?

A: LEARNING. To understand the craft that they are in right now I’m a designer and Creative Director. I’ve learned to be a photographer, graphic designer, to edit, to sew and truly design. Since this is my dream, I have to do these things. Also, I can’t afford to pay anyone. I think it’s important to know the aspects of your business this way, so no one can come and change your vision. 

Q: Describe your style in 3 textures or fabrics.




Q: Is it important for artists to explain their art? 

A: No, because I can’t explain it to everyone, but it’s important that your art can express emotion and feeling so the masses can see the message without knowing. 

Q: What can be the biggest hindrance to your creativity?

A:Not having a clear mind being in a bad space or place.


Q: Do you stick to one project at once, or work on multiple at a time?

A: I have ADHD. I like to work on many projects at once in the same realm. It allows me to feel more creative, and I can add or fix along the way. My ideas become stronger when I can see different ideas at once.

Q: How has your upbringing influenced your style?

A: It influenced me big time. My mom and dad were not big on fashion.

Q: What is something you are the most proud of concerning your work? 

A: I am most proud of “COOL KIDS,” which is my Winter ’18 collection. I was especially proud when we presented it at CAPSULE SHOW at the Javitz Centre in NYC last July and received amazing feedback and brought major attention to the brand.

Q: If your journey had a movie, what would it be called?

A:How to Make It in America”


Q: Do you feel energy has an impact on your creativity and your designs?

A: Yes, energy is a big factor. It has to be high and good, because the mind starts running & becomes creative. A clear state of mind has the best impact on creativity and good energy helps to make it even better.

Q: Where can we find your clothing?

A: My clothing is online at the moment, but we have been in 3-4 shops: VFiles, Probus, Maison Ten & Maybe Sunday.

 iNSTAGRAM: @liusalnycofficial @mr.liusal 



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