Braisha Owens

AGE: 24



Braisha is a designer of wearable arts and stylist for all, from the social misfits to the ultra-conservative. She is a model, creative visionary, an entrepreneur, and determined to follow her dreams. Braisha considers herself an endorser of individuality and a lover of confidence, and she tries to instill those principles in all of her acquaintances. She created the concept for her brand and business, Kissed by B.O., in the summer of 2013, which allowed her creative voice and love for individuality to begin to blossom. Although Akron, OH will always be her home, you can consider this young woman a traveling artist. Chicago was her first stop, and who knows where the next stop will be. She embraced the motto, “Can you rock a paper bag,” which translates to her desire for everyone to understand that one’s confidence should shine through every outfit. Armed with her faith in God, Braisha is characterized by her positive attitude, and she is definitely going places. As she continues to strive for the best while encouraging others to do the same, this is only the beginning for this young designer, stylist,  and creative being.

Q: How did you become a stylist?
BO: It chose me while I  was attending the Fashion School at Kent State. They only gave me a couple options with a career in fashion, so I did the research and came across styling as a career. I  knew this was the route for me as a freshman at Kent, and  I began planning  and orchestrating photoshoots back then. I had a knack for creating ensembles that were aesthetically pleasing, so that’s why I say it chose me.picsart_11-21-11-55-44
Q: Why do you love fashion?
BO:  I actually have a love/hate relationship with fashion. Fashion is what you see people trying to do, but style is who you are. It’s embedded within your DNA.
Q: How would you describe your sense of style?
BO:  I consider myself classic bohemian chic with a touch of edge.
Q: Can you talk about starting your own brand and the reward of going into business for yourself?
BO: As a creative in a corporate world, it’s hard to be recognized if you’re not a brand. By following the steps that have been made by other successful companies, I saw that they were a brand, first. They had a name, a logo, and identifiable source. I figured out what exactly do I want to do, and built on that. I found out what my niche market was and catered to that audience.
img_7837 Q:  What are some of your accomplishments and current projects?
BO: Some of my accomplishments include being head costume  designer for a feature length film, head stylist for a published  magazine in Chicago, called French Kiss Chicago Magazine, and I have styled for numerous music videos. My current projects include Kissed by BO Presents the Paper Bag Chronicles Fashion Show which will take place in late April, as well as, Kissed by BO pop-up shops . Stay tuned for everything, it will be posted on my website.
Q: What are some of your goals?
BO: I would like to be a celebrity fashion stylist, a noted model, and a fashion mogul by age 30.


In a photoshoot for Young Troubled Minds, a rap group featured in DRiP’s ARTiSTS ON THE RiSE, Braisha styled them according to their group image and personalities. Here’s a look at how she came up with their looks.


Chris aka PRO & Steve aka AYU GOLD
“For this look, I put them in customized Kissed by BO letterman jackets and paired those up with a basic black  color scheme from their closets. I played around with that look by adding subtracting pieces that were considered promotional looks.”



“Steve’s artist name is AYU Gold, therefore, his theme was gold accessories with a pop of the plum color.  His personality is more chill and laid back but definitely smooth. Chris is more of the wild child, and the more outspoken one bearing the name of Pro. Adding that fur piece merely finished his entire look, and it gave him just the right amount of flare. This look used more personality looks with the accessories, gold chains, and fur neck piece.  However, both these looks embodied their personality as individual artists.”

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