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Born and raised in Akron, OH, Trina Young considers herself to be a “rider for Akron.” Trina currently owns her own hair salon called Gifted by His Grace located in West Akron. Not only does she cut, color, and style hair beautifully, but she also creates “hair prostheses” for her clients that suffer from hair loss. Whether the hair loss is caused by medical issues or chemotherapy, Trina’s hair prostheses units can be attached to the client’s scalp using the gluing method, where the glue being used that is not harmful to their scalp or hair. There is also more than one method of prostheses including, sewing the unit into a net that can be attached to the scalp, or even using the sew-in method alongside the gluing method. Trina’s hair prostheses are an innovative solution for women who believe that, no matter the circumstances, one’s hair is one’s glory.

Through her gift of making wigs, Trina came up with the hair prostheses as a way for her clients with Alopecia areata, which is a disease that causes patchy hair loss, as well as for her clients that have other medical conditions that cause hair loss or have been through chemotherapy. Her main goal of the hair prostheses is to build confidence in women worldwide that suffer from hair loss.Before creating the unit with the client’s choice of hair and attaching the hair prostheses, she has a consultation with her client to figure out which method they would like her to use and what style they would like. The hair prostheses can be any length, and they can last for up to one year without coming off!

The client also has the option to have the prostheses attached to her scalp or made into a removable wig.”I don’t want to take away from the people who are suffering and hurting, so my goal is to be able to accept different insurances from my clients for my hair prostheses,” she stated. Her service is not just for people with medical problems, anyone who would like a unit can purchase one. “I also give free services sometimes, I love to bless people.” The main goal of hair prostheses is to build confidence in women worldwide that suffer from hair loss.


After 42 years of living in Akron, Trina is pleased to say that she is still enjoying life in this city with Lawrence and their son, Michael. Growing up, she lived on every side of town but she was always surrounded by the love of her family, especially her cousins. Around the age of 8 or 9 was the first time Trina started to do her cousin’s hair. From there, she continued doing hair through her enrollment at East High School where she graduated in 1992. “In 1993, I saw that I had a gift, but it wasn’t until 2003 that I really had a passion for styling hair,” she stated in her interview. She received her cosmetology license on the 2nd attempt of her test, and she stated, “I could have done better in high school. If I was a better student, cosmetology school may have been less difficult for me. You have to learn about anatomy, chemistry and diseases in cos school, so you need to know more than how to cut someone’s hair.”

950 Frederick Blvd. Akron, OH 44320

 Trina opened Gifted by His Grace, in 2014 after successfully working for other shop owners for seven years prior. Originally, she never wanted to own her own shop. She often considered becoming a social worker, because another one of her passions is helping others. However, she and her husband decided it was time for her to be her own boss and go into business for herself. The name of her shop comes from her belief that “God’s grace is the only reason why I can do what I do.” Trina had no problems starting her business, since she has many loyal clients. “My clients are like my family, and they stop in at any time,” she explained. As a believer in Jesus Christ, her goal is not only to give clients a neat and clean looking hairstyle, but to also reach women that need help and encouragement. “The most important things to me are making sure my clients’ hair is healthy and that I have done the best service for them,” she stated.”It’s my shop so I tried to create an environment where all are welcome!”

Staying humble is what draws people to her. Kind and caring, she always  does her best to make sure her clients are happy in the shop, and she even tries to help with some of their happiness outside of the shop with goals of becoming a life coach. Trina has had some clients for over 20 years, and has never struggled for business. As an entrepreneur, Trina has many goals for Gifted by his grace and her hair prostheses. She would like her shop to be filled with successful stylists that have great clientele and be able to sell hair prostheses out of her shop. Holding her own hair shows and traveling around the world to do hair shows are Trina’s goals as well. She would also like to start her own product line in the future. “Healthy hair is key,” she stated in her interview. Refusing to let anything or anyone hold her back, Trina has much confidence in the future for all of her endeavors. “My faith is at the center of everything so I will continue to cast fear down and walk in boldness. I learned to block out the people that ridiculed me for being different, and I am doing well! I believe we should all learn how to be different.”