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AGE: 18




As a young entrepreneur and fashion designer, Adam Corner is making a name for himself. His clothing line Föreign Enterprise is based in Pittsburgh, but soon to be known near and far. Fresh out of high school, Adam is looking to make some power moves with Föreign Enterprise! Just remember, you saw it here first.


DRiP: Where are  you from?

AC: I was born in the United States, but I consider Canada my second home. I have dual citizenship in Canada. My dad was born in Toronto and raised in Hamilton. Half of my family is currently living there today.

DRiP: What does Föreign Enterprise stand for? What does it mean to you?

AC: To me, Föreign Enterprise is a brand that can include anyone around the world. The term “foreign” can mean so many things: from interstellar, to another country, to luxury, or even something simply misunderstood. The brand is based around positivity and growth. No matter where you are from or what you do you can wear Föreign.

DRiP: Who does your brand cater to?

AC: My brand caters to anyone. Men, women, kids, even “old heads.” I want everyone spreading the Föreign movement. My plan is to take clothing to other countries on a small “Föreign Tour.” Maybe I’ll do it with a musician of some sort just to get my brand in more countries.


DRiP: When and how did you come up with this idea? Did you have any help?

AC: I got tired of buying other clothes, so I decided to make my own. I started with a basic pink 6 panel cap that I bought at the thrift and used that as my canvas to create my brand. I thought of the concept on my own, but I have had help from a lot of my friends with designing along the way.

DRiP: Who or what inspires you the most?

AC: The thing that inspires me the most is Pittsburgh. I love my city more than anything. It’s positively changing everyday, and seeing the growth of Pittsburgh makes me think about how I can grow and prosper in the fashion Industry here. Streetwear, in my eyes, has been growing more and more in Pittsburgh everyday. From Threads on Carson to Refresh PGH to Anthony’s Locker, all of these stores have been getting mad heat and have been booming in the business. It also helps that Dan Folger owner of the GLD shop is from Pittsburgh. The brand that he has created is unreal, and he has a masterpiece in his hands to work with. Seeing his dedication towards the city is what inspires me to put in more work more the ‘Burgh.

DRiP: What are some of your short and long term goals for your brand?

AC: My short term goals are to open up to colleges as well as starting to do pop-ups at any local events selling my products. Getting college kids promoting the brand would be big. A “Greek Life” Föreign collab is up for grabs for any fraternity interested in doing so. A long term goal is to have a shop in downtown Pittsburgh along with another in Toronto. It would be a small boutique selling strictly vintage apparel and accessories,sneakers, art and obviously Föreign gear.

DRiP: What has been your statement piece for your line?

AC: The Föreign 6 panel is what knocked it off. A basic canvas made it irresistible to cop. The 3 colorways made it even better by giving the buyer a few options. We sold out within two days of hats being on sale.

DRiP: If your brand could be described as an animal, which one would it be and why?

AC: I would compare my brand to an animal it would be a chameleon, because it’s low key, yet colorful when it wants to be.File_008(1)_edited

DRiP:What are your plans after you graduate high school?

AC: Work on products. I’m going to stay in the city for a year to work and promote the brand. I’ll open up to local artists to work on some collaborations. I’ll also probably do some Photo shoots, attend pop-ups in downtown Pittsburgh, and then I’ll eventually attend a fashion institute.

DRiP: What obstacles have you had to overcome as a young entrepreneur?

AC: Taste and trying to figure out what people want. There’s brands coming out every day. I want something made that’s unique and does well in sales. I want quality products for a good price, keeping my customers satisfied and always coming back for more cops. It’s hard sticking to a lot of vintage styles or styles that faded but I’m trying to bring the old school back. Varsity jackets, strap backs/snap backs. Older prints like paisley, old army fatigues and so on. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of brands are hopping back on the retro vibe. I love everything about it. I don’t see it as copying I see it as other brands using what they see to make their brands.

DRiP: Do you have plans of working with any already established designers? Who and why?File_005(7)_edited

AC: I don’t have anything set up yet with collabs. However, I have a ton of ideas. If I could link up and work with someone I’d want to work with John Geiger, because he has my roots. To me he knows everything about fashion. He kills the game, hands down. I know that what we could create would be out of this world. Also, I’d like like to work with @Geechi_P from Humble Island. I’ve followed him on social media for the longest now, and he’s mad inspirational. He’s a fashion guru, and I love that he has the 412 vibe so I can definitely see myself linking up with him and working on some gear very soon. If I could link up with someone on the west coast, I’d definitely want do some work with John Ross. The kid’s a legend. He’s a little bit younger than me but this kid got the vision. With his connections and our mind sets joining forces, who knows what we could put together. Whether it be a line for a concert tour, a line for a music video, or simply just a collab on some garments for föreigns website, it would be dope.

DRiP: What about your own culture affects your brand?

AC: Having family in Canada allows me to go to any part of Canada I want, but my favorite spot is Toronto. When I get there, I’m always looking for new shops. Toronto is like a low key New York to me.  They have high end brands mixed with streetwear and sneakers, and the culture up there is insane. People from every ethnic background are up in the 6. I also have very artistic family members living in Canada, so it allows me experiment and learn more about designing when I’m there.

DRiP: What sets Föreign Enterprise apart from the other up and coming clothing lines?

AC: There are tons of clothing brands all over the world. Föreign, apart from other brands, has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter what your race or your religion is. It’s for everyone. We want our clothing to be known for quality and creativity.

DRiP: Do you have any projects coming up? 

AC: Yes, I will be working with some locals in the area. I have big plans for the summer and for the year 2016. I  released my Tröpical 6 panels for our first summer drop. Charcoal and white big ö leather 6 panels are on the way, along with some tees and tanks so be ready.

DRiP: What is one thing you want the world to know about Föreign Enterprise?

We aren’t stopping. No matter what it takes, we want to be with the ones eating at the top. We are definitely looking for people with a feel for the brand to get involved and give their thoughts.

WEBSiTE: foreignenterprise.bigcartel.com

iNSTAGRAM: @foreign_enterprise

TWiTTER: @foreignenterpr1