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AKA Paige Margulies

AGE: 23

Kent State University Alumni



Q: When did you know you were creative?

A: I won a Dairy Queen coloring contest at 5 years old,.I also collected paint cards from Lowe’s as a kid (I swear I stopped…)

Q: What does being an artist mean to you?

A: Being an artist means being able to help yourself and others through expressing ideas. To me that means everything and I couldn’t live without creating. 

Q: What inspires your photography?

A: Mostly music and the world around me, but also vintage fashion.

Q: How would you describe your point of view (style of photo)? Now describe it in 3 food flavors.

A: My style is best described outer space 70s. My 3 flavors are Funfetti cake, Funfetti cake and Funfetti cupcake.

Q: Do you feel like it is harder or easier to express one’s creative self in 2019?

A: It goes both ways in my opinion. There are great social media outlets to express creativity and it’s easier than ever to meet new creative people to work with. However, it can be difficult  to not feel intimidated by all of the talented people posting their amazing collaborations. It’s a tough situation as an artist.

Q: Which place in the universe do you feel reflects your work the most? 

A: Probably either California or Mars.

Q: What is your favorite subject matter to shoot and why?

A: Vintage fashion. It’s the most inspiring to me, as well as, the most fun when it comes to posting.
 Q: Are there any repetitive themes and patterns in your work? If so, what are they and what do they mean?
A: I like to use bright pastel type sunset colors in my work. I also tend to lean towards 60’s and 70’s fashion. Almost all of my work is also based around song lyrics.
Q: Do you have any favorite photographers or artists? Who are they and why?


A: I really like Jimmy Marble and Miles Aldridge. Their use of bright colors and unique vintage concepts is very inspiring to me. 

Q: What is your favorite project you have completed?

A: My shoot for the 80’s Western Prom in Space collection for Dani Bennett which took place at a miniature horse farm. 

Q: What 3 songs best describes your photography?

A: “Cosmic Love Affair” by Sunbeam Sound Machine
“Suddenly” by Drugdealer
“Ccbw” by Inner Wave

Q: Tell us a something that you do not portray in your photography that still means alot to you.

A: I don’t shoot nature much anymore, but it is my biggest love aside from fashion. 
INSTAGRAM: @DrellaDarko


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