aka Nassir Williams

AGE: 23

BiRTHPLACE: Rochester, New York


Q: What makes music stand out from other art forms in your opinion?

A:The sound catches the ear and can change your whole energy. A lot of control.

Q: When did you know you wanted to pursue your growth in music?

A: I really knew since I was little, but as I got older, I was in college trying to pursue something that wasn’t really interesting me. Music rolled in more and more someway, somehow. After 2016, I said I was going to take it serious.

Q: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration is Kanye West, not as a politician, but as an overall artist.


Q: How have you grown in music in your recent years?

A: I’ve grown in my music since I’ve started producing music, instead of playing music. I also listen to new and old music more than ever, not just to DJ, but to honestly be inspired by different sounds.

Q: How much weight do you put on perception of audience?

A: Perception is very heavy in this time. I try to give people what I think is important: Nothing fake, just music and a tiny bit of me. 

Q: What specific culture or period of time do you identify with most in your music?

A: 70s R&B is the culture and period of time I can identify with most in my music. It’s all about love, even when things hurt.


Q: Where do you feel most comfortable creating?

A: I feel most comfortable at home. 

Q: What do you think is most important to an artist’s progression?

A: I think the most important to an artist’s progression is the consistency of work. Not just random work but meaningful work. 

Q: Describe your style of music in 3 textures or fabrics.



-Washed Denim

Q: Is it important for artists to explain their art?

A: It depends. Some art shouldn’t be explained; you should already know if you know. It’s always good to leave viewers guessing.


Q: What can be the biggest hindrance to your creativity?

A: My work ethic can be hindrance to my creativity. I put a lot of work in, but it’s not always showing my creativity.  

Q: What are some of your favorites out of the projects you’ve completed? 

A:I have a many projects that are unreleased but my favorite mixes are “1” & “Perfection” they are both on my soundcloud.

Q: If your journey had a movie, what would it be called?

 A: “The Dragon’s Tale.”

Q: Do you feel energy has an impact on your creativity and your music how?

A: If the energy isn’t right, whether its mentally or physically, you won’t get what you’re used to creating. This can either be good or bad depending on how you view the creation. 

Soundcloud – negusnasty

INSTAGRAM: @Lovedragon5000

TWiTTER: @lovedragon5000