AGE: 22
SCHOOL: Kent State University

Q: When did you know you were creative?

A: I truly didn’t become aware of my creative attributes until I was in college. Being freed from a lot of the pressures to be someone everybody has an interest in helped me view different pieces of me.

Q:What does being an artist mean to you?

A: Art is the public expression of ones thoughts and interpretations of the environment around them. This means, for me, Art is a form of translation. Art is being able to make the intangible thoughts, desires, and emotions of a person into a tangible product

Q:What inspires your photography?

A: I’m inspired by my two close friends, candace and Jermaine, who got me started and interested in photography. Without their influence I wouldn’t be me, and I wouldn’t desire to become better in my craft

Q: How would you describe your point of view (style of photo)? Now describe it in 3 food flavors.

A: I would say my photography is primarily joyful, but with some moody undertones to some pieces of my work. I’d say my work has sweet, tangy, and slightly bitter flavors.

Q: Do you feel like it is harder or easier to express one’s creative self in 2019?

A: This year, I’d say there are more ways to better express yourself creatively. That being said, I also feel there are restrictions to what areas certain artists can and cannot touch on or express.

Q: Which place in the universe do you feel reflects your work the most?

A: The American signs museum in Cincy! It’s known for being bright and has an air of excitement to it but can still feel moody.

Q: What is your favorite subject matter to shoot and why?-

A: I love shooting with people. People have been given the ability to display so many different emotions, it makes shooting most other subjects slightly less exciting

Q: Are there any repetitive themes and patterns in your work? If so, what are they and what do they mean?

A: Vibrant colors come up throughout my work consistently, and it serves as a representation of my demeanor.  

Q: Do you have any favorite photographers or artists? Who are they and why?

A: Some of my favorite photographers are Jermaine Jackson (IG-Pejamane), Monica Winters, Taylor Mitchell, Candace Sanders, and Anu Kolawole. Jermaine, Candace, and Anu all had an influence on my progression as a photographer. I am inspired by Taylor in his portrayal of multicultural groups and Monica in her use of perspective within an environment. 

Q: Do you have a favorite project you have completed?

A: My most favored project I completed was with my model and friend lauryn. It was her first time modeling, and seeing her slip into the role so effortlessly was exciting. I also had some pretty fantastic shots in my opinion.

Q: What do you wish you could do with a camera that you can’t?

A: I wish I could better utilizing slower shutter speeds to create a “dragging” effect in my photography 

Q: What 3 songs best describes your photography?

A: “Skywalker” by Miguel

“Coup Se’ Yern” by Smino

and “Prolly” by Foggieraw

Q: What are some of your future goals and aspirations?

A: I want to one day transform my photography from a hobby into something monetized. I don’t want to create or own my own studio, as I feel it would be too much of an anchor. I would rather have a large following as a freelance photographer to open doors into better spaces.  

Q: Would you say that art has had an impact on you? How?

A: I would definitely say that art has had an impact on me, but mainly in the form of words. Through music and reading, I have stored and continue to build an internal catalog of concepts that I would love to turn into something physical.

Q: Tell us a something that you do not portray in your photography that still means a lot to you.

My position as a son of God in Jesus Christ is the biggest aspect of my identity, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from my current work .

INSTAGRAM: @naes_view

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