aka Bryce Burke 

AGE: 23

BiRTHPLACE: Columbus, OH


Q: What makes music unique from other art forms in your opinion?

A : There’s a difference when it comes to music. I only say that, because it hits the people different. No matter your age, hearing a certain song or a certain melody will put you in a certain mood. Music is the most inspiring art form to the world. There’s power in the tongue, meaning what you say and how it’s delivered to the people is important. That quote is self explanatory for real. I’m not sure what exact verse that is in the Bible, but it’s in the book of Proverbs. So, yeah – music: it’s deeper than what most people think. 

Q: When did you know you wanted to pursue your growth in music?

A: Well, I’ve been tapped into music all my life. I was raised in church, so I was bound to pick up some type of instrument. I started with the drums at age 3. Then, I started recording on cassette tapes in elementary school. By that time, it was mad out of date, still, it was start. In middle school, I really started writing lyrics. Before that, I was just free styling every song. My cousin Joey featured me on a lot of his songs. That was like 07, 08 type s***. Since then it was a wrap. 

Q: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

A: Mannn, I’m going to have to say my Aunt Lynn. She plays the piano, and the way she finesses each chord still haunts me til this day. She’s crazy on the keys. Secondly, I’d have to say Jay-Z, for sure. Thirdly, has to be my brother Nassir williams. 

Q: How have you grown in music in your recent years?

A: Not to sound corny, but I’ve been tuning into my emotions more with music. I use to feel like it was always something missing. The songs I were making never seemed full enough to me. So recently, I dropped a project called BLKMIRROR. I tried to express every single thing going on in my  life within 6 songs. I believe I released this in January. All I needed to do was open up more instead of being so discreet and beating around the bush, you know. My sound hasn’t been better since, and it’s only progressing now. 

Q: What specific culture or period of time do you identify with most in your music?

A: I’ve heard so many people say “I love your 90s vibe” *stale face* I just don’t see it but maybe that’s s good thing. I’m not sure haha. But My favorite songs are 80s 90s, early 2000s time frame. So I’d have to say those 3 eras identify me and my music especially. 

Q: Where do you feel most comfortable creating?

A : My room is the sanctuary. I usually write all my music in my room or in the car. I might be driving and typing in my notes with the beat on blast, swerving and all that lol. That’s when I’m at my most creative peak. The hookah spot is usually a vibe for me also when I need some type of creative inspiration. 

(Don’t text and drive, y’all.)


Q: What do you think is most important to an artist’s progression?

A: I can’t speak for every artist, but I say consistency and humility. You have to be consistent and humble at all times. There’s cats out here grinding hard. If you stop now, someone is definitely going to surpass you, no questions asked. And it’s nobody’s fault but yours, because you were too lazy to work on your craft consistently. No excuses. In order to progress, you HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT WITH GETTING BETTER AND PERFECTING YOUR CRAFT. My dad always told me to be humble, no matter what. Any time I take a W, be humble. Anytime I take an L, be humble. It goes a long way, and as an artist that’s very important to me, at least. 

Q: Is it important for artists to explain their art?

A: I like that question. We as artists don’t really have to explain our art you know ? Our craft speaks for us. But I explain mine anyway just as a reminder to people and myself as well as to why I do this. 

Q: What can be the biggest hindrance to your creativity?

A: Most people would say females, but they’re actually inspiration for me. Before you know it, you’re writing a song about whoever and suddenly that’s your muse for a whole project. But just being lazy can hinder my creative juice. Day-to-day life often tries to hold me back from doing what I love. Really, just unnecessary distractions can get in the way of my rotation. 

Q: What are some of your favorites out of the projects you’ve completed?

A: My favorite? Wow, everything is my favorite honestly, but to sum it up I’ll give you my personal top 3:

BLK MIRROR EP – relayshun 

MOODS – nomiddle & hennesy


Q: If your journey had a movie, what would it be called?

A: I would name it “Almost Doesn’t Count.” That’s a smooth movie title, and it just makes sense. Yeah, I like that. Y’all stay tuned. New movie drops in 2023, and shout out to Brandy, too lol.

Q: Do you feel energy has an impact on your creativity and your music how?

A: For a fact. If the vibes aren’t right, I’m still gonna write something. Even if it’s just a few bars, I have to get something written down each day regardless of what it is. When the energy is on go, great music is composed. Just ask the squad. We have our days where it just isn’t hitting how it should. However, our great days outweigh the mediocre days by far, and we plan to stay charged. 

New music will be on all streaming sites sooner than later. Stay up and ready for that. Luv Luv