AGE: “A lady never tells her age 😉 let’s just say I’m grown but not ‘too’ grown.”



Q: When did you know you had a passion for music? 

A: I was always pretty much into music, because my mom and family members wrote music and sung all the time. I think if you’re black music just becomes this staple for your family, because I can think of almost any memory and it always has a song attached. That’s how we express ourselves and how we come together; it’s how we grieve. All of it involves music ,so I guess that’s how I knew. It was just passed along through cultural ties.

Q: How did growing up in Akron influence your music preferences?

A: I think being in such a small city really helped me want to know what all was out there. I really opened my mind and interests to different decades and artists, and I dove into the “weird” s*** that nobody really listened to. Mainly, I think it just made me broaden my horizons.IMG_0088

Q:What inspires you to create vibes with music?

A: I just aim to tell a story and to keep you captivated, so you really want to listen to what’s playing, all the while taking in how it starts from beginning to end. Everything is connected…if that makes sense.

Q: How did you come up with your DJ identity?

A: I think it pretty much found me. It just grew from my emo, headbanging days in 8th grade and then mixed with my obsession with the 80’s in 9th grade. I just watered it and let it grow into its own thing, naturally.

Q: Do you have any favorite music genre and why?

A: I can’t say I do, because I listen to every thing in the world besides country. I can’t really get into country.

Q: What is the hardest part about being an up and coming DJ?

A: I’d say being compared to other female DJs , especially this new age of DJs that are all about looks and not really about the music or the musicians.  DJs are supposed to tell stories and also help the underground artist as well as their hometown’s locals. We’re the gatekeepers for them, and we should be using our platform to help them.  

Q: Tell us some of your future goals and aspirations?

IMG_0035A: I really just hope to become a successful perso that can help others become whatever they want to be. While I was growing up, I don’t think anyone ever told me I could be the 4 different things that I wanted to be all at once. They always told me to focus on one thing and I don’t think that determines my strength. I know I have a lot of power to become the “mogul b****” I desire to be.

Q: What song is always best for a party playlist in the summertime??

A: I’d say any Dom Kennedy. He always makes me think of summer.

Q: What have you been working on as of lately?

A: Well right now I’ve been diving into my YouTube channel [Wavys World]. I don’t like to create mixes when I don’t have any inspiration or creative juices flowing, because it almost always sounds painful in my opinion. I’ve got some rough drafts that I keep moving around in my mind.

Q: What events have you DJ’ed? Where do you hope to spin in the future?

A: My favorite thing to do is house parties, because the crowd is always down to dance. Clubs are too “boujee,” and they never want to dance. I like album release party gigs too. I did PK Delay’s SILVER album release in Pittsburgh, PA and it was so much fun. Everyone was listening and connecting. As far as where I hope to spin, I definitely want to go on tour traveling the world with a good artist or even by myself.IMG_0187

Q: Are there any other musicians that have an impact on you?

A: Mainly Kid Cudi and Kelis, because they’re just so different and out there compared to mainstream artists and styles. They’re doing what they want and it’s beautiful to watch and take on their example as a message to myself to always be true even if you don’t fit in somewhere . Also, my friends have a big impact on me, because they’re always pushing themselves which pushes me too.

Q; Who is the first person you would call once you make it big? Why?

A: My mom, because she always believes in me and is always rooting for me. She’s like my number one support since day one with all this!

Q: What do you want to communicate through your sets?


A:  U.N.I.T.Y [Queen Latifah voice], love, happiness. I just want everyone to let their problems go out the window during a set to just appreciate the music.

Q: If you could turn your 3 favorite songs into objects, what would they be?

A: I’m really bad at picking favorite songs but She Notice Me – Young Thug into a ring or a necklace, Mature NatureKid Cudi into the sun, and God – Prince into food.

Q: How has music impacted your life?

A: It is my life. If I didn’t have music, I’d die.

Q: What is the most creative thing you’ve worked on?

A: My mixes, because I can create anything. When i don’t have what I need to make a certain effect, I really improvise and make it happen some how some way! I amaze myself every time.

IMG_0124Q: Which do you prefer? Heels or Sneakers?

A: High top Vans 🙂 I want to own every color.

Q: Would you rather DJ the world’s biggest cookout or the world’s biggest pool party?

A: Oh my gosh, the cookout, because I get food and I’ll be able to play Isley Brothers!