AGE: 21



Q: Why did you start rapping?

A: I was always into rap music. The way I would portray certain artist made me realize I could create an image for myself that could last forever. I always wanted to do that with my art. Making music is another way for me to express myself, while leaving something behind to look back on.

Q: Did Akron have any influence on your sound?

A: Yes and no. Growing up in such a creative environment helped me find out what I was good at. It allowed me to meet people who are similar to myself, and allowed me to be who I am. I say no, because I feel like my music is a lot different compared to other Akron artists’. Akron definitely has its own unique sounds and flows, but at the same time it’s full of a lot of creative individuals. I like to think of my music on a larger scale. I really just make what I like at the time.

Q: What inspires you to create music?

A: I’m very critical of myself, so usually after I drop a project I’ll already come up with another idea of how I want to be portrayed musically. I feel like this is an endless cycle. Even if i make something that I really like, I have constant pressure on myself to make more. I’m blessed to have the ability to create now, and I am aware one day I will not.

Q: What was the name of your first project and what was it about?

PHOTO BY: Will Pohlman

A: I made some songs and tapes here and there when I was 14 and 15, but my first one as Mike Renegade was MENTALLY RICH. I dropped it May 31st, 2015 when I was 18. I’d just graduated high school at the time and wanted to get into rapping again. It was really low quality, but it had a lot of character and potential to it. My dude JJSoftHands and I made 10 songs on hot beats at the time. I’ve dropped 8 other projects since then!

Q: Do you have any favorite subject matter to rap about?

A: I’m usually big on word play, but recently I’ve been on the “simple is better” vibe. Some might call it clichè, but writing a timeless song people can sing over and over is lit. I’m really into melodies and such right now.

Q: What is the hardest part about being an up and coming artist?

A: Building a solid fanbase. But once it’s up it’s on 4EVER!

Q: Tell us some of your future goals and aspirations.


A: I want to take over the planet! RENEGADE WORLDWIDE!

Q: What Is your favorite thing about the summer time??

A: The fruit is 10/10.

Q: What have you been working on as of late?

A: My new EP I FEEL FANTASTIC; LOOK AT MEas well as collaborating with new artist and producers I like. Big feature season is on the way! I hope to drop another project by November.

Q: Name the best song you’ve released and why it is the best.

A: I’d say Blastoff!, because it would be the hardest to recreate. Every time I write a song, I can only hope for it to be that fresh and original. It’s so unique compared to the rest of my EP.

Q: Who is the first person you would call once you make it big? Why?


Q: What do you want to communicate through your music?

A: That you can be yourself at all times and still shine!

Q: If you could turn 3 of your own favorite songs into objects, what would they be?

A: BLASTOFF – a rocket ship, WIZARDKELLY -3 packs of backs, and  LALA – my maria hat </3

PHOTO BY: Will Pohlman

Q: How has music impacted your life?

A: I have always listened to music no matter what mood I was in. It’s definitely always been there for me. Now that I make music myself, the potential is endless! It has already allowed me to meet new people and do things I thought I would never do. I’m excited to see where it can take me.

Q: What is the most creative project you have completed?

A: COLORS OF RENEGADE! 9/10 of the songs were produced by me!

Q: Which do you prefer? Recording or Performing?

A: RECORDING! Even though I like both, I prefer the creative process more.

Q: Would you rather have the world’s biggest cookout or the world’s biggest pool party?

A: The biggest pool party. We still can have all the cookout goods. I’m just tryna put my feet in the water.

ARTWORK BY: Will Pohlman