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Q: When did you know you had a passion for music?
A: I discovered my passion for music my freshman year of high school. The plan was to focus on sports and achieve an athletic scholarship for football, but once i tore my ACL freshman year, music was literally the only thing that brought me peace.
Q:  How did you growing up in Akron influence your music preferences?
A: Akron didn’t have very much back when i was growing up, but we always had each other (family, friends, coaches, etc.) .. hip-hop and r&b music was like the glue that kept us all together. No matter what, you could always depend on the cook out with the 90s r&b and hip hop music to bring everybody together and have a great time.
Q: What inspires your style in music?
2A2C7CCA-DD76-4234-A4A9-E847FE778ABDA: My style is kind of all over the place honestly. I think that stems from my love for the many genres that music has to offer. Plus i get bored fast, and i know most people do as well, so i have to mix it up (for me and my listeners). Some days i want to make house music, and some days i want to make a trap banger. I think the fact that I’m finding my own sound through these different genres is what inspires me to keep digging deeper.
Q: When did you produce your first song/beat?
A: I used to want to be a famous composer as a child so i wrote my first song on the piano at 9 years old for a family reunion talent show. I always made little songs and jingles on the piano, but i didn’t start producing until i was 18.
Q: Do you have any favorite music genre and why?
A: My favorite music genre is jazz because it is the root of many other genres that i enjoy today. I call it the foundation of modern day music. It’s sampled in countless hip hop songs that we all love. Many singers are inspired from early black1900s jazz singers too. Life would be trash without it. Jazz music makes me feel sophisticated. It makes me feel in control. It also makes me proud to be black.
Q: What is the hardest part about being an up and coming producer?

A: Personally, i think the hardest part about being an up and coming producer is standing out and pushing past self doubt.. obviously everybody seems to be a “producer” these days, so you always have to make sure you offer a new sound to the game. The goal is to not sound like everybody else. That can also get overwhelming though, when most rappers and singers only want what’s hot right now or what’s a part of the wave. I’m realizing, at the end of the day, as a producer, or anything other kind of artist; you have to stay true to yourself and your style/sound. Self doubt is normal, that means you’re dreaming big. Just perfect your craft and be ready when those opportunities present themselves.

Q: Who have been your favorite artists to work with?
A: I’ve had the opportunity to work with some talented artists so far, but my favorite rapper to work with is my brother Chris (Kharma). He’s amazing to watch in the studio. He works fast, he gives the producer freedom to stay true to their sound, and he can just flat out rap. My guy Ariq (KIQUE) is also a fire producer. Our musical chemistry is crazy, and i think that is important when working with other artists.
Q: Do you have any other artists or producers that’s you look up to?
A: I’m inspired by a lot of artists. My biggest inspirations are Tyler the Creator, The Internet, KAYTRANADA, and Mndsgn. Their chord transitions and drum patterns melt my brain every time. I strive to reach that level of talent and creativity.
Q: Tell us some of your future goals and aspirations.
7F97E64E-8403-4335-B9FE-056F685AFD6FA: My biggest short term goal is to finish school and get my degrees in Communication and Audio Engineering. It’s been a dream of mine to work with some of my favorite artists and one day tour the world doing what i love. I aspire to reach a comfortable position in life financially in order to be able to give back to my city, specifically East Akron. When i was in high school band, our music programs were absolutely trash, and music wasn’t even taken seriously in general. That never sat right with me. Not every child is born to be a doctor or a lawyer. A career path in music or the arts should not be looked down upon. I want the talented and passionate kids to know that it’s okay to want to make a living off of music. One day, I would like to fund a program for the youth (K-12) that teaches them how to play an instrument, learn music theory, and understand the music business in hopes that they will be prepared to either furthertheir education in college, or take what they’ve learned and make a career out of their craft.
Q: What song is always best for a party playlist in the summertime??
A: You can never go wrong with Faneto by Chief Keef... Play that at my funeral.
Q:  What have you been working on as of late?
A: Currently, I’m learning how to DJ. I think that’s something I need to be good at. As far as projects, I’m currently working on a tape called Kel’s House of Gymnastics. It’s going to be a tape full of flips over some cool beats.
Q: Tell us about your latest album release. What was your motivation behind it?
A: My latest project Why Take the Stairs? is my first ever beat tape. I actually wasn’t even planning to release any music this year at all. The day after Christmas in 2017,  I purchased Maschine and moved on from FL Studio; I lost all of my beats. I lost all of my beat packs, and of course i lost FL too (i had it on Mac before it was available). I was pretty upset about it. I almost gave up, but I’m not a loser, so isolated myself from every one and learned everything about Maschine and my MK3. Thanks to the Man above, i discovered my own sound, and before i knew it i had over 80 beats ready to drop. My motivation behind this tape was to let people hear what i have to offer. I want to be the guy in my city/state that everybody comes to for sounds. I can make it all. I look at this tape as my “portfolio”, since i couldn’t post on SoundCloud for a while. I’m not where near where i want to be, and i still have a lot to learn, But I’m happy with how it all turned out.50327FF1-C62D-496F-9221-1EC9029BC86F
Q: If you could produce an album for any other artist who would it be?
A: If i could produce an album for any artists, it would definitely be for Smino and Syd from The Internet. Even if it’s not an album, i just want to work with them and soak up knowledge one day. They’re geniuses.
Q: Who is the first person you would call once you make it big? Why?
A: The first person i would call if i made it big is my mom. That’s my best friend. She’s the first person to believe in my dreams. Shes my biggest supporter and the reason i go as hard as i do in life. I think she’s listened to my tape more than i have lol. I owe her the word, and I’m looking forward to making that phone call one day.
Q: What do you want to communicate through your sounds?
A: I want to always communicate my current thoughts and emotions through my sounds. I’m a very happy and upbeat person for the most part, and i think it radiates through my music. It’s not even intentional, i try very hard to make sad and moody music sometimes, but somehow it always ends up sounding like we’re in a happy video game world.Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Q: If you could turn your 3 favorite songs into objects, what would they be?
A: If i could turn my 3 favorite songs into objects, i would have Wings (Find your Wings by Tyler the Creator), a very nice sports car (Whip Appeal by Frank Ocean), and a dim candle lit room with lavender lights (Take it Off/ Dim the Lights by Pharrell)
Q: How has music impacted your life?
A: Music has greatly impacted my life. It’s makes me feel in control. Music gives me a platform to express myself in ways that i can’t communicate with words or actions. It’s gotten me through a lot of hard times and i don’t know who i would be with out it. It saved my life and i will forever be passionate about it.
Q: What is the most creative thing you’ve worked on?
A: The most creative thing I’ve worked on is designing clothes and making visuals with my Aurum bros. They do a lot of creative things, and I’ve been fortunate to be a part of it all.
Q: What is your favorite summer trend?
5A50B532-C16B-4130-8538-78D43E48597DA: My favorite summer trend will always be the dad shorts. shorts belong above the knees!!
Q: Would you rather make an old school R&B beat or Old school Rap? Why?
A: If i had to choose between an old school hip hop beat or an r&b beat, I’m definitely going to choose r&b. I’m in love with r&b music. I wish i could sing just for that reason. My ear naturally gravitates towards r&b music and i have the most fun making it.
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