Alexandria Couch

aka Allie


AGE: 18

SCHOOL: University of Akron


Q: What do you like to depict the most in your artwork of the most?
AC: I’ve been really into illustrated portraits and characters as well as very detailed animals and objects.
Q: What inspires your art?
AC: Lately, I’ve been most inspired by both African American and other various Ethnic cultures as well as present political issues.  I base most of my art off of how I feel at the moment or with a particular goal in mind for a piece.  I gather a lot of my materials from observances from every day life as well as ethnic historical research and even music!
Q: Favorite medium?
AC: Currently, my favorite mediums have been watercolor paint, gouache, and both alcohol and water based markers and ink pens.
Q: What are some of your goals?
AC: My future goal is to travel abroad in order to see cultures in their native environment.   I am particularly interested in traveling to Asia, and then throughout Europe to look for first hand inspiration for my art. In fact, I will hopefully be traveling  through China and South Korea for 3 weeks this summer with the university.  In the the very distant future, I would like to own my own gallery to feature both amateur and underrepresented artists.
Q: Describe your style in 5 words.
 AC: Very influenced by today’s society.
Q: Who is your favorite artist and why?
AC: My favorite artists are Minjae Lee and Agnes Cecile.  Observing both of these artists has really helped me to develop and alter my own style.  Their pieces are of a rare kind that are able to move the people that view them.  I think that Kind of artwork is what I strive for and this is why they have such a big impact on me.
Q: What would you like to communicate through you artwork?
AC: At the moment, I am working on developing skills and techniques.  However, eventually, I would like my work to convey the growth of different ethnicities and representations in art.  Currently, there are not a lot of variety in types of art that is put forward, as well as the artists that produce them.  I guess that I am aiming more toward proving that artists can come from all different backgrounds, races, etc. and that all of these artists deserve recognition.  I feel as though there is a monopoly on the types of art and artists deemed “popular” by society and a barrier that needs to be broken.  If I can, I would like to communicate that breaking this stigma and this barrier is possible.
Q: Who is your favorite musical artist from the 90s?
AC: This one is a bit difficult! However, you can never go wrong with Michael, Whitney, and Prince!
Q: What 90s Cartoon Character do you resonate with the most?
AC: I’ve been told that I’m alot like DW from Arthur by my family.
I am currently only on instagram @couch_art  but plan to expand in the future!