AGE: 26




Q: Have you seen any significant progression in your work since your last feature?

A: Yeah, I’m finally satisfied with the way I edit my photos. When we first interviewed I was still finding my look. I still don’t think I’m there 100% tho..

Q: What are you taking photos of lately?

A: I’m mainly still doing portraits. But I’ve been moving more towards fashion lately. I’m starting to like it.

Q: Do you have any favorite projects you’ve completed this year?

A: Probably the recent shoot I did with StyledByYoko and PressPlayMJ. There was this tea party shoot I did with Tab and the music videos I’ve been dropping with the lil bro Skin. 

Q: Did you accomplish any goals you’ve since your last interview?

A: Yeah! I was part of an art show at the House of Blues. Shout out to RAW Artists for giving me that chance. I have another one coming up in Boston too.

Q: What has been your favorite creative experience since you’ve started creating imagery?

A: Anything I’ve done with Tab, to be honest. She opened up my eyes to a lot of things. Every time we work together, it seems like it gets more creative.

Q: What’s the best view to have in the summertime?

A: Umm, lots of water? [lol] I’m not sure. The best “view” to me is to keep working hard and take advantage of this good weather before the snow comes back!

Q: Would you say your style has changed recently?

A: Kinda. I’ve been more confident with shooting and it shows.

Q: Do you have any projects planned for this summer?

A: I have a lot of stuff planned. Hopefully, I can drop some of it before the summer ends, but I just don’t want to rush it.

Q: How has photography impacted your life?

A: It made me become more social. I used to be anti-social like crazy. Photography definitely helped me step out of that box.

Q: Have you expanded into any other art forms?

A: I just started doing music videos earlier this year. I want to do more things with that. Also, the homie Solo and I are planning to drop a clothing line soon!

Q: Any good collaborations this year?

A: Everyone that I’ve worked with honestly. Shout to StyledByYoko for being the first stylist to ever work with me!

Q: What is the greatest risk you feel you have taken?

A: Cutting my hours at work, so I can have more time to create.

Q: What are some of your goals moving forward?

A: Honestly expanding, working with new people, and staying on top of things. I really want to release everything I have planned before the year ends.