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Q: What do you like more? Photography or Videography?

A: I like videography the most, because I do more work with artists. Bringing the vision to life is a dope feeling.

Q: When did you start filming?

A: I would record stuff on my phone and edit it into clips, and eventually, my mom got me my first camera around 16 or 17.  I practiced on my own for about 3-4 months. I started hitting people to shoot music videos, because the music scene is really big here. I shot my first full music video with one of my friends, and that’s pretty much how it all got started.

Q: Where do most of the artists you work with reside?

A: I shoot with people mainly in Canton, but I have people from all over hit me up to shoot. After school, I plan to travel more and work with artists everywhere.

Q: What cities do you want to travel to further your videography career?

A: One place I really want to go to is LA, but I feel ATL, New York, any major city would be dope. I just want to travel in general, because even smaller cities have talent as well?

Q: What inspired you to start creating visuals?

A: I was watching this guy’s videos on YouTube named Johnny Lace. He would record his regular life and add music to it, and it resembled a music video to me. That inspired me to start creating; I still watch all his videos today.

Q: What are your favorite things to film/photograph?

A: I like to film studio sessions and record the process of the artist in the studio working on a song. I also like shooting music videos, mainly. I like to photograph my friends when we hang out, so nothing is posed. I just try to capture the moment.

Q: Have you ever worked with any artists that also attend Kent State?

A: I worked with one KSU student, Myles Poole. He is originally from Massillon, OH, but we have collaborated on videos for a few of his songs.

Q: What do you feel like inspires your work the most?

A: Probably other videographers. I watch other vlogs, documentaries, music videos, etc. to try to incorporate different styles of video into my own work. I think Cole Bennett, a top vidoegrapher in Chicago, has a lot of influence on the way most people edit their videos. If your video was shot by him, it’s guaranteed to blow up.

Q:  What’s your favorite project that you’ve completed?

A: The music video did for Kid Knarly’s song Russian Roulette is my favorite right now. The locations we shot and the way I’m editing is going to come out very well. I think it’s one of my best videos and the song is really good, too.

Q: Do you feel like it’s ever hard to top your latest work?

A: I know some videographers make their newer works similar to their previous work, but I always want to use new and different effects in my videos. It takes me longer to edit, because I always try to top my last video.

Q: How do you want people to interpret your work when they see it?

A: The video is just as important, but I really want viewers to connect with the artist. A lot of new artists have potential, but sometimes they are overlooked because they aren’t well known.

Q: What are some of your future goals?

A: I want to start my own record label to help artists out. I’m working on that now, by making less videos and growing my connections to eventually have this record label. I don’t set yearly goals, I just go with the flow. However, one of my main goals for this year is to work with one big artist.

Q: What 3 songs complete your best summer playlist ever?

 A: Big Bank by YG, Green Gucci Suit by Rick Ross, Jettski Grizzley by Tee Grizzley
Q: Do you prefer shooting in the summer rather than other season? Why or why not?
A: I like shooting in all seasons but summer has to be my favorite because there is more to do and more locations to go to. Summer just motivates everyone to get out and do something. 
Word of Advice:
“Even when you think people aren’t watching, they always are. Atlantic Records saw and reached out to me about a video I edited for a Meek Mill song that got hundreds of thousands of views. Haters, business people, they all are watching.”



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