AGE: 20

Kent State University

BIRTHPLACE: Pittsburgh, PA


Q: Why is creating art important to you?:

A:  It is important to me due to the fact I feel the need to translate ideas and visions in my head, ultimately doing my best to create the art I would like to see and consume.


Q: What inspires your art?:

A: I would definitely say the 1970’s and African-American pop culture for sure.


Q:What are your favorite things to depict in your artwork?:

A: Black women.

Q: Do you feel more creative in the summer? 

A: Yes I do, because I have the time to create at my own pace and let my ideas flow naturally, without my professor breathing down my neck to get me to produce 40 illustrations in a span of 2 days. The summer gives me the ability to execute the ideas that usually keep me up at night thinking about them.

Q: Who or what has had the most influence on your artistry?:

A:  I would definitely say my environment. Being around other creative people and learning new mediums to experiment with has definitely influenced my artistry, as well as my future goals.

Q: Have you ever explored any other art forms?

A: Yes, I have tried painting, collaging, drawing of course, styling, and graphic designing. I want to get more in touch with styling and photography in the future.

Q: Do you have a favorite project you have completed?

A: Yes! My final drawing portfolio inspired by Jean- Michel Basquiat.

Q: How do you want people to interpret your work?

A: However they best see fit, art is relative. Hopefully they enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Q: What 3 songs complete your best summer playlist ever?

A: Sweet Life Frank Ocean, Free Deniece Williams, and Rough SoulGoldLink

Q: What are some of your future goals and aspirations?

A: I hope to one day become a creative director for a magazine, as well as a fashion curator pulling pieces for editorials and exhibitions. I lowkey want to go to grad school for Museology too. I love the curating process involved with creating a museum exhibit.

Q: Was there ever a point in time you were discouraged about being an artist? How did you overcome this?

A: Yes, I often second-guessed my work and abilities a lot due to the fact I was creatively drained by my classes and making sure that my professors liked my work, and not so much me as the creator. I overcame it by deciding what was worth sacrificing and making it a point to seek satisfaction in my work more than the validation of others. If I like it, that is all that matters at the end of the day.

Q: In what ways has art impacted your life?

A: It became more than just a hobby, art truly makes me feel better. I consider museums to be my “happy place”. It’s also connected me with some cool people for sure.

Q: Do you have any favorite artists?

A: Jean-Michel Basquiat for sure, Georgia O’Keeffe, as well as Mati Klarwein.

Q: Tell us something about your art that a viewer might not know at first glance.

A: I recently started getting involved with my artistic abilities about a year ago.




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