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Q: Why is creating art important to you?

A: Creating art is a gateway for my mind. A lot of people have other ways of overcoming insecurities or coping with themselves but I see this as my way of doing so. Just exercising my God given talent.

Q: What inspires your art?

A: I’m inspired by the realism that other artists put in their drawings & paintings

Q: What are your favorite things to depict in your artwork?

A: Depicting how photos are brought to life on paper

Q: Do you feel more creative in the summer? Why or why not?

A: I especially feel more creative in the summer because I’m out of school and have nothing but time on my hands.

Q: Who or what has had the most influence on your artistry?

A: I wouldn’t say any specific artist has an impact but more so the movement of realism. Contemporary art has also influenced me.

Q: Do you have a favorite project you have completed?

A: My favorite piece I’ve done is either the Basquiat portrait or the Nas & Diddy portrait

Q: Have you explored any other art forms?

A: Besides drawing and painting, I’ve also done printmaking & threading. I’ve worked with ink as well.

Q: How do you want people to interpret your work?

A: I want people to be so shocked about the amount of detail there is in my work

Q: What 3 songs complete your best summer playlist ever?

A: FQ-C#3-V3 Willow Smith, Trust IssuesRico Nasty, Queen B!@#HLil Kim 

Q: What are some of your future goals and aspirations?

A: I am going to be a famous portrait Artist. I plan on doing celebrity portraits customized for them. Later in life I plan on making an all black art school.

Q: Was there ever a point in time you were discouraged about being an artist? How did you overcome this?

A: In November, I realized how gifted I am at the precision of making my drawings look exactly like the photos given to me. I tried to have people make orders from me for large portraits but I was told I’m not good enough to be charging anything at all! People weren’t crediting my talent & constantly telling me i wouldn’t really get no where making art. I continued to keep creating work & stopped hesitating on exposing my Art! Now I don’t even need to fill out a job app at Mickey Ds or somewhere.

Q: In what ways has art impacted your life?

A: Art has impacted my life mentally on a whole other level. I have found my true self through my art. I feel like once one finds them self there’s absolutely nothing else they can’t do.

Q: Do you have any favorite artists?

A: My favorite artists are Frida Kahlo, Kerry James Marshall, Kehinde Wiley, & David Choe

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