Dakarai Akil

AGE: 26


Q: What do you like to depict in your artwork of the most?

Black people being something more than what the media portrays us to be.

Q: What inspires your art?

Real life & my fears dealing I have with life.

Q: What purpose does art serve for you?

To raise the consciousness of people, Black people in general.

Q: Favorite medium (marker, paint, etc.)?

Definitely collage. I use old magazines and photography.

Q: What are your future goals and aspirations?

More large scale public art. I have a huge installation up on the back of REBol in public square right now that will be up for three months. I will have more projects like that and also more releases every month from my brand THISBRANDUSA.

Q: What do you like most about spring?

Winter is my least favorite season, so spring is that sweet relief after those long brutal months of snow and painfully freezing air. Spring is new life which inspires new ideas and possibilities. It’s my favorite season.

Q: Who is your favorite artist and/or photographer? Why?

Favorite artist is very difficult to answer. I’m going to go with Madlib even though he’s a music producer. We have a very similar creative process when it comes to our crafts. Favorite photographer right now would have to be my boy Tom Sawyer. It’s great when your friends are actually really great at what they do. I’m able to work with my favorite photographer almost whenever I want because he happens to be my friend.

Q: What do you want to communicate through your art?

I want my art to communicate that as people we should want to uplift each other and encourage new thoughts. Also, I want my art to be a beacon of light for black culture. We’ve been dealt a pretty shitty hand but we need to know we have the power to change things within ourselves.

Q: Describe your work in 3 words.

Forward-thinking, human, vibrant.

What is the most creative thing you have ever done?

My book GODBODY is my proudest achievement as an artist to date. I spent two years putting it together and designed it in its entirety myself and teamed up with fifteen really talented writers & poets to put their thoughts and words with the work. The book sold out online in two months and there are only a few copies left of the book in existence. This was a very very happy moment in my life yet alone my career.

If you weren’t an artist, what would be your plan b?

DEATH. No plan B’s (Lol). This is all I have in life. I can’t see myself being anything else, so if this doesn’t work, I’ll be homeless or dead from boredom or going insane.

Q: Social Media Platforms and Website?

Social Media:

Like THISBRANDUSA on Facebook

instagram:  @dk1994












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