Anna Sintsirmas

AGE: 20

ORIGIN: Cleveland, OH


Q: What do you like to depict in your photos the most?

A: It’s a process that I am not even too sure of.  I never go into a creation with an idea of what I would really like to show. I do like to add an aspect of surrealism in my work. I creatively write these surreal images. Then, I format photo ideas mentally from it all, but it happens while I am taking photos. For instance, I wrote this line “body like a folding chair,” and then from that I challenged myself to create a photo from it. The process of the photo was trying to capture my model being contorted like a folded up chair, then long and sprawled out, as if the folding chair was opened. Usually, my deceptions are shown through body placement, clothes, and certain photoshop elements.

Q: What inspires your art the most?

A: I am strongly inspired by everyday things. For instance, I will be in the kitchen one day and see a bowl of fruit in a certain kind of lighting, and it will inspire me. I will wake up in the morning and stretch out in a weird position, and I’ll be inspired by the way my body was contorted. Other photographers/designers drive me up a wall with inspiration, as well as certain political movements and philosophies. 

Q: What purpose does art serve for you?

A: Art is like a gate of memories. It’s a decision; a window. It’s a gate of memories, because we subconsciously reflect and create based on things we experience, whether that is physical, chemical or beyond imaginable. With that, we create a decision. In my case, the decision would be where to place things in the overall composition the way that I do. When I go through this process, I see it as a form of manipulating the viewer of my photo. The manipulation is how I can evoke an emotion or feeling in a human being when they view my image. The viewing is the window. 

Q: What are your favorite things to photograph?

A: I’ve learned that I found a great deal of love harboured in manipulation of the human form and the challenge of how clothes can be worn. I am also obsessed with texture in a photograph. 

Q: What are your future goals and aspirations?

A: It is truly hard for me to answer this question, because the future freaks me out. One of my goals is to eventually have more time for my art and modeling. I know I am not as active in my creative outlets because of my lack of time, which is lame. As for my aspirations, I hope to one day be doing photo work with an environmentally forward fashion company.

Q: What Is your favorite thing about love?

A: Here’s a question based on delusions. My favourite thing about love must be the cycle of feeling. When you first have a crush, that feeling is like exploding with multi-colored confetti and butterflies clubbing to a Drake beat, all in your stomach. Then, when you touch that person for the first time, it’s a physical feeling that makes you feel like you have constant vertigo. That feeling when you see your phone screen light up with their name. That feeling when you both embark on stupid things together that you have done before, but it feels so new with them. That feeling when they hurt you for the first time. How your feelings collapse in a way you never thought they could. That feeling of not being able to eat or sleep, because life doesn’t feel right without them. That feeling of never wanting anything to happen to this human being. That feeling of forgiveness and trust. FEELINGS ARE CRAZY.

Q: Do you have a favorite love song?

A: Re:stacks by Bon Iver. You’ll tell me it’s too sad to be a love song, but I’ll tell you it’s so sad, that it makes it a love song.

Q: Who is your favorite designer, artist, and/or photographer? Why? 

A: Michal Pudelka. That human fricks s*** up with his mock doppelgänger composition of models, styling, and how he fills his frame. It is so spicy. Also, Ren Hang. May he rest in peace, and may his ghost still be taking tasty shots. Why he is one of my favorites truly speaks for itself.

Q: What do you want to communicate through your art?

A: I want people to see my image, and take time to think about what the heck is going on. I want people to create their own dialogue for the image.

Q: Describe your work in 3 colors.

A: Bile green. Yellow 80s vinyl couch. A tan brown pup in a pile of tan brown sand.

Q: How has photography impacted your life?

A: As the cliché goes: “It is a mental scapegoat that I found when I was 14 and never gave away since.”

Q: What is the most creative project you have completed?

A: My doppelgänger project.

Q: What is the craziest thing you have done for love?

A: One time, I bought a Make-your-own volcano kit, because I wanted the human I was with to think I was cool and smart for making a volcano. I also thought it would be rad to make with them, but the contents ended up spilling everywhere and my mother walked in the kitchen to me home alone with a boy, which was illegal! On top of that, her kitchen was covered in fake sand, sodium bicarbonate, and food coloring that ended up staining the table!!! The volcano didn’t even erupt.